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What You Need To Know About Holistic Microneedling

Holistic microneedling treatments came from Traditional Chinese Medicine where it’s been used in a form of acupuncture. It’s quiet simple and effective technique that focused on the induction of  body’s own natural collagen and can achieve impressive results.

Holistic micro needling leads to more affordable treatments, with lower side effects, shorter recovery times and happier clients as to compare to other cosmetic treatments that involve removing or burning the outer layers of the skin to reach deeper layers where collagen production takes place.

Holistic microneedling has strong scientific evidence and patient feedback to support it. It makes a great choice for people who are seeking more natural and effective treatments.

Microneedling can dramatically increase the absorption of products through the skin. Therefore it uses the most natural and holistic substance.

Chinese Traditional Medicine was designed to work with the body as whole. By applying this Chinese Medicine theory to Microneedling we can achieve great result in the most natural and holistic way.



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