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How a Signature Style Can Attract the Perfect Clientele

While I’m at home you can find me in yoga pants or jeans. But the truth is, I love to dress up. In fact, I often joke that I’m willing to get dressed up to attend the opening of an envelope. I would much rather be overdressed than under-dressed and developing my signature style has opened many doors for me.

Cheyenne Dominguez, president of FemCity

There was the time I was at a book signing for Bobbie Thomas, style editor for the TODAY show. She had just launched her book, The Power of Style, and I was excited to meet her in person. In my usual effort to not blend in, I wore a figure flattering, bright coral dress and waited in a long line to have my book signed by Bobbie. Admittedly, I was overdressed for a book signing. But when she saw me she kindly commented on my outfit and even said I resembled the actress Christina Hendricks from the show, Mad Men. I thanked her for the compliment and we chatted a bit. We went on to exchange contact information and she later invited me to NYC to be on the Today Show for a fashion segment. How exciting is that?!

On another occasion, I was invited to model three “looks” for a local magazine working on a piece about fashionable working moms. It was not only fun but provided great exposure for my business at the time. You might think this means I spend a fortune on clothing. I don’t. I’ve learned what makes me look and feel my best. I wait for sales. I shop at consignment stores the higher end goods and mix them up with pieces I found at Target or other discount spots. I sometimes snag pieces that don’t quite fit and have them tailored to look custom. I’ve learned how looking and feeling my best helps me to make my best first impression.

Super stylish fellow FEM, Patricia Maristch runs Piqued PR and is the founder of Main Line Fashion Week. Her blog, Patricia’s Palace, showcases her vibrant and un-apologetically feminine style. I asked her to share how her style has specifically worked to her advantage in business. Here’s what she had to say about how having a signature style has opened doors for her and her business.

Patricia Maristch, @pmaristch and @piquedPR
Photo credit: Rebecca McAlpin / Copyright 2016

Patricia: “My personal style is always impacting my business. When I started Piqued PR I knew using the color pink to brand my business was risky, just as risky as wearing my hot pink Trina Turk suit to networking events. However, I knew this was the move I wanted to make because pink is my favorite color, it’s a happy color, it’s fun, feminine and playful. By wearing more feminine and pink outfits, I knew I would attract the type of clientele that I wanted to work with and therefor be the best fit for them in marketing their businesses.”

Patricia has connected her personal style with marketing her business and building the perfect clientele. Do you have a signature style that has opened doors or created business opportunities for you? We’d love to hear about it. Connect with Patricia Mae Maristch, founder of Piqued PR and founder of Main Line Fashion Week, at www.piquedpr.com and follow on Instagram @pmaristch and @PiquedPR.

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  • Kelly Durnin / 11 June 2018 3:31

    Loved your article. For years I’ve done branding for individuals and corporations alike, but last year I finally did a personal branding exercise on myself which resulted in a custom inspiration board complete with brand pillars, vocabulary and a signature color palette. One day I had a client comment on my tomato red nail color. Quickly she recognized that my nails matched my cellphone cover and then (low and behold) she pointed to my handbag that was the same shade of red. She looked at me gobsmacked. I smiled and said “oh honey, it’s no accident.” 🙂

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