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How Do You Need to be Showing Up?

How Do You Need to be Showing Up? | Written By: Stacy Vajta

Over the weekend I had a wonderful conversation with a friend who asked me my favorite question… and that was, “How do you need to be showing up to be the coach and healer your clients need.”

If you’ve been following my work for a while, then you know I’ve talked about “showing up” a lot. Focusing on questions like this is the best way to get into what’s holding you back, and working where you need to work for real change.

The way I see it is, there has been a shift in how we access and work with our energetic and emotional process. There is way less looking back, and a whole lot of insight that comes from stretching into new energies, ideas, and activities.

Awareness is not the final destination. In fact, it’s just the beginning.

Where a lot of folks are getting stuck and not seeing change happen is that they are overly focused on accessing some level of awareness that they hope will explain things… instead of practicing the energy of what they are being asked to “show up and be.”

I spent years working with my own process in this way, so if you see yourself in those words, know you are not alone. It’s how we used to do things… you may just not have gotten the memo that the rules have now changed.

I’ve said this before as well, “If your change is taking too long, it’s not you; it’s your process.”

Don’t get me wrong; some awareness is necessary. You do need to get to the core pattern so you know what you are working on.

Core patterns often are a surprise; they have their fingers in everything. Getting to it is the key to creating change. The thing is HOW you get to that core energy has shifted.

Not understanding the new “HOW” is why there are a lot of folks, maybe even you, who feel like they aren’t getting to the root of the problem. It’s why things often feel like you are circling around and around an issue, and never finally getting to the root… and the breakthrough.

You may not be going about accessing that core pattern in the right way anymore. You may be circling around energies and ideas that will never get you there.

This is a huge problem, especially when what’s going on with you is impacting your work, your business, and your income… not to mention your personal power, your energetic integrity, and your spiritual evolution.

Action is the new insight.

I did a whole slew of mindset challenge videos last week on my Facebook page which you can check out here. And one of the things I said was, “Action is the new insight.”

The new way to work with your energy these days is to figure out how you are supposed to be showing up — stepping up — and then work with that in action.

This work is about stretching into new energies and ideas, and quite frankly going where you have been unwilling to go. But when you do, oh man, you will see huge changes finally take place. When you do, you will come face to face with your stuff so you can finally work through it. And, if “why” is a necessary piece of you working things out, you’ll get that too.

So here is my question to you: How are you being asked to show up to be the coach or healer your clients need you to be?

If you aren’t sure or find a huge discrepancy between the “you” of now and the “you” the Universe is asking you to be, take a look at my Power Up and Shift Up program.

This is the program where I will be helping you get to the core issue of what’s holding you back and stepping through the energy to get you where you need to be. Hurry, we start next week!

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