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How Old Is Your Hair?

Age is not always measured in the passing of time. When it comes to our hair, a better word may be “distressed” rather than “aged”. Yes, just like a fabulous piece of furniture that we enhance by sanding, refinishing and painting to our liking, we do the same type of treatments to our hair when we color, highlight, retexture (chemically straighten or curl) and style with high heat. We want to look good and depending on our profession and lifestyle we NEED to look professional and at our finest at all times. After all you are your own personal brand.

An unfortunate truth of human nature is that we have about 7 seconds to make the a great first impression. We  judge, and we are judged, by our appearance at first glance. It is innate, apart of our DNA, we just can’t help it. Not that is a bad thing. We use it to keep ourselves safe, to judge a situation and scope out any danger. But on the other hand we cannot always judge a book by its cover. We can make an inaccurate judgment based on appearance alone.

So how can we get that “first glance” great impression on a consistent basis? Turns out quite easily. One of the very first things someone will judge you on is your hair. Its our crowing glory! Even before someone can see your face, from a distance they will notice your hair. Even if you don’t know they are looking. Have you ever had someone come up to you or walk past you and give you a complement out of the blue. They saw you and you didn’t even notice they were looking.

As a professional hairstylist for (cough, cough) over 30 years I have a very good grasp on what keeps hair in great shape, even after assaulting it with chemicals and heat. Ever since I joined my profession the ONLY way to “repair” hair was to put a “bandage” on it. In other words, coat the heck out of it with waxes and silicones. Filling in the cuticle layer, which gets opened during chemical treatments,  was the only option. Unfortunately, there are side effects. Waxes and  most silicones are not water soluble and take stripping agents to remove from the hair shaft. Since a large portion of the population chemically treats their hair, we have been recommending gentle cleansers to shampoo with causing a layering of wax and silicone build up to get worse. Even worse than that though is the pores and follicles in our scalp are also clogged with these ingredients causing poor growth, excessive shedding and pre-mature thinning. We are choking our hair to death.

Thankfully technology and nature have combined to create the perfect answer for our hair. In August 2016 I was introduced to a new hair care line that does exactly the opposite of every other hair care line. By gently removing old product build up and infusing a patented blend of essential oils  into all their water soluble products, Monat is creating manageable, stronger, healthier hair. As simple as changing the brand of hair care in your shower you can stop stressing over your hair problems. I have my own personal experience and that of my clients that prove to me that Monat is the best available. My clients are saving money and time with Monat’s concentrated, high quality, naturally based, anti-aging hair care. Monat has the perfect product to combat any hair problems. Hydration, volume, growth and we even have a lash and brow serum. The oil blend mimics our natural oils which is what we tend to lose over time creating wrinkles and dryness. (My personal use for the oil is as a facial moisturizer)

You spend $ and you spend time on your hair and you need to be proactive at home to maintain what your stylist creates for you. My clients used to complain that the only time their hair looked good was after they left the salon. NO MORE!! They rave about how much easier it is to style and they actually spend less time styling. Once the buildup is gone the heat on the heat appliances goes down and they still save time. I was blown away by all the testimonials and I see them first hand. I’m proud that I finally have a product to offer them that ACTUALLY works!!

As a proud Market Partner I would love to offer it to you too. I am available to offer recommendations and you can order directly from my website at your convenience. Monat will ship to your home, we offer a 30 day $ back guarantee and several ways in which to purchase (Retail, VIP and MP) Please give it a try and contact me anytime. Yours Truly, Susie XOXO

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