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How to Arrange Your Office for Success

Does your desk face the wall? How many times have you rearranged your office space only to do it again and again when it doesn’t feel quite right? In Feng Shui, the placement of your work desk is critical to the success of your business or career. The placement even has a name – The Command Position.

Why the Command Position is important:

  • You benefit from the energy, or Chi, that moves through the space,
  • This power position harmonizes and focuses the energy of your office space,
  • It enhances your sense of protection and safety,
  • Provides a sense of power and abundance,
  • You are in visual command and control of your space, and
  • It allows you to face life directly, both literally and figuratively.

Place your desk as far from the door as possible with your back against a solid wall, but not in line with the door itself or with your back to a window. Sounds simple, right? That all depends on the architecture of your room.

What happens if I have my back to the door?

Life can sneak up on you in negative ways. You may find that you aren’t facing important issues directly and you are always dealing with unexpected events. If you can’t move your desk, fix this by hanging a large enough mirror in which you can see the door while you are sitting at your desk.

What if I have my desk in a straight line with the door?

The Chi entering the room is coming straight at you without having a chance to slow down. This causes stress, irritability, overwhelm, and health problems. The energy is too strong.

What is so bad about facing the wall while I’m at my desk?

Your creativity and thoughts will be blocked and you will find that it is hard to get any work done. If you find that you work better elsewhere in the room, or in another room, this may be why. Take a second and evaluate how often you work somewhere else. Then move your desk.

But I like to look out the window while I work.

Do you find yourself day-dreaming a lot? If your desk faces the window, your thoughts and business Chi float right out and off into the distance. Do you often forget what you were about to do? The view is also distracting and it causes you to miss important business opportunities. Also, your computer monitor is back-lit by the window and this causes eye strain.

Why have a solid wall behind me while I work?

This is similar to building a fort in front of a mountain for protection.

Not only is the placement of your desk important, but the desk itself should be substantial to enhance your feeling of power and authority. Your chair should have a high back for protection and strength. The door to your office should close and lock. And the more space there is between you and the door, the more territory you command.

In everything there should be balance. Don’t over-do it because real power requires balance. You want to be in command of your business and life, not dominate others.

Hi! I’m Christina Rodriguez the most laid-back, non-judgmental, and fun interior designer you will ever meet. I help busy professionals create home and work spaces that fit who they are and who they aspire to be. I combine classic interior design and feng shui and I offer DIY Design plans or full service design projects from new builds, remodels, to room refresh services. I love what I do and I love the hugs I get because my clients love the results! To find out more about what I can do for you, visit my website at www.divabydesigninteriors.com.

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  • Denise Martinez / 9 May 2018 10:45

    This was a wonderful article with great tips. I’m going to move my husband’s desk immediately. Thanks Christina. I never thought much about design until reading your articles.

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