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Hi FEMS! I had a few FEMS email me and ask about how to deal with negative vibes. Honestly, it’s a question I get often from our community. Whether its colleagues, family members or friends, its important to know how to handle vibes that aren’t so positive. I shared the following tips recently in our FemCity Monday Morning Chats via FB Live on how to cope and flourish even with bad juju lingering. To view the video, click here.

Those with negative vibes often leave us feeling drained, exhausted and self-doubting our every step. It’s important to maintain a feel good feeling so that we can keep on moving towards our goals and visions. When those around us say negative words or make us feel insignificant, it damages our positive state and the greatness flourishing within. Here are some ways you can start to shed the affects off and start to protect your happy stride in life and business.

  1. Empathy // Often those that share comments or thoughts that aren’t uplifting, are more harsh within themselves. Once we recognize that their negative state is about them, and perhaps a situation they are going through, it removes our emotional attachment to the negative vibes. When we recognize the humanity aspect of others in a negative state, we realize their negativity is with all things in life. This is not about you. Send them love and light.
  2. Diminish the time // You have the choice to say no to meet ups, phone conversations or the frequency of time spent with negative impacting people. Diminishing your time with those in a negative place, prevents your good vibes from being impacted. You can love people from afar. Spread out time with them, and intentionally plan ways to love without it impacting your groove.
  3. Happiness after! // If you are meeting with colleagues, friends, family members that bring you down, plan something after with an activity that lifts you up. Perhaps schedule a time with a  “happy vibe” friend or a good book that will lift up your spirits. The intentional scheduling of happiness after will help neutralize their impact on you.When we work on keeping our positive state in check, our visions and goals maintain at a high level of focus. You are filled with immense possibility and more greatness is in store for you. Don’t hold back, the world needs you and your positive vibes.

For more tips and suggestions, join me every Monday at 9 am EST at www.facebook.com/femcity. Post additional tips and comments below or other topics you would like to see in the series.


Violette is the Founder of FemCity // an online global network featuring business and lifestyle trends with over 70 local communities designed exclusively for women. Violette is also a motivational speaker, small business consultant, writer and mother of three. As a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, Violette is passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs through business growth, big vision strategies and positivity along the way. For more inspiration and business tips, visit www.femcity.com and www.violettedeayala.com. Follow Violette de Ayala // @violettedeayala

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