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How to Find Clarity | Written by: Candace Thoth

During our life journeys, we may have moments when we feel utterly lost and confused about which direction to go next. A lack of clarity can be quite alarming, especially if it leads to feelings of despair.

The truth is that we thrive when our lives have a sense of meaning and purpose, and when we are unable to make sense of things, we get a bit panicky.  For some, the immediate reaction to feeling unclear is to get busy and dive into something else, for others, the consuming feelings of depression set in and drain any energy that remains. But what if a lack of clarity is an invitation to come back home to who we are?

A lack of clarity is a signal that we are not listening to ourselves, that we have numbed our sensitivity to our true desires. When you feel unclear, pause, and listen to the part of you that knows exactly what you need and what you truly want. No, not the inner critic that is spewing out judgmental thoughts and telling you to get busy or that you’re no good, the loving part of you. The part of you that is unconstrained by societal expectations, the part of you that is free. The part of you that is creative, and knows what you’ve always dreamed of and how you truly want to live your life. The part of you that is begging you to express your authenticity.

In the meantime, don’t pathologize yourself. Allow yourself to move forward into the unknown. It’s okay if you don’t know the exact path you want to take or how to get to your destination. Just keep stepping, authentically, one foot in front of the other. You’re not lost, you have guidance within. Trust it and let it guide your steps.

Candace Thoth is the Founder and CEO of Return to Aloha. She teaches online courses and hosts workshops on self-love, authenticity, and mindfulness. She recently launched a Self-Love Ambassador Initiative that helps individuals enhance their self-love practice. Her commitment to providing personal development resources and inspiration to the community is unwavering. Candace believes everyone has the right to create meaningful and joyful lives.

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