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How to Get Lucky in Business

by Violette de Ayala : Founder of Femfessionals

Often people mention how they wish opportunities would present themselves often and hourly. In addition, they are wishing and hoping to find luck and resources with their every turn. What if we had a pair of ruby red glittery shoes that upon a trio of kicks, an opportunity would arise? Great idea! I am working on the magical shoe idea with a patent…no not really that’s a fairy tale. Do you see what I am saying? Even with a lotto situation, you have to buy the ticket to at least enter the opportunity race. You aren’t going to have opportunities just wish upon themselves out of the air. You need to take a step of action, in order for the opportunity to show up.

Here is the magical secret I want to share that’s not so magical; we make our own luck and we make our own opportunities. It doesn’t fall on our laps ala disneylicious wander-ful apparatus. It comes along by setting up a mindset that is open to opportunities which then arrive just in time for your reach. “The teacher appears when the student is ready”…does that ring a bell? That’s an analogy to illustrate how “luck” is all around you with the theme of grand possibility and opportunities. Here are five clear ways to get started in obtaining an atmosphere of opps all around so that you may become “one of the lucky ones” with business growth and creating the life you envision.

Current needs? This sounds extremely simple. Think of what you need in concrete terms. Example: You are hungry and want food. That’s a start as far as defining your current needs. You pick up Siri and ask, “Where is the nearest food?” Chances are she will say some jibber jabber-ish statement because the request is too broad. Or she may respond with 1 million options leaving you a bit overwhelmed. However, if you asked “Where is the nearest Chinese restaurant?” then her response would be more on point. The definition of the need has to be clear, in order to know what to ask or look for.

Action: What do you currently need for business and life? Perhaps it’s getting your business to get to the next level of growth, meeting more contacts in a certain industry to facilitate projects, creating more speaking engagement moments. Whatever it is that you currently need to create your biggest vision; you need the clarity in the details. Define what you need, then write down 10 ways you can act on setting yourself up for that opportunity.

I need a million dollars you might say. GREAT! That’s a good start. Now what? Think “what do I need to get where I need to go? A contact? A resource? By asking the question, it narrows down the thinking process and filters it down to those few items needed.

Connect, connect and connect again. Have you heard your network is your gold. That is very accurate and opps do indeed come through your circle of colleagues. Most people we cross paths with, if we are indeed on our true path to grow our business, will generally be someone “you need to know”. Stay in touch with them, stay connected and help them with their business in simple yet meaningful ways. Pushing our businesses to the next level often involve our circle of connections.

Action: Attend a few industry specific business meetings, work on your elevator pitch, and always keep your mind open as to how you can help them grow their business. They will very often, do the same for you. Spend time chatting it up with people that cross your path. Learn about them, ask questions, and you may be surprised over the connection. Be prepared to meet amazing people. Read #1 above again if needed.

Its right in front of your face: Luck and opportunity may be found through inspiration via articles, friends, and conversations. Every great business started with a flicker of inspiration derived from somewhere nudging that entrepreneur to create something new, tweak an old, or build bigger. Inspiration is everywhere, always keep your eyes and ears open.
When I founded Femfessionals it came through inspiration as well and it turned out to be a grand opportunity for my next project. It is a great example of inspiration everywhere. Every program we have ever created, every community we have launched, even down to our website, was derived through feedback and inspiration from our community. An email, a conversation, an ad in a magazine, may give you your biggest inspiration. Don’t ever stop learning, searching, and listening to your gut through all the avenues that cross your way.

Action: for the next 5 days, really make a conscious effort to listen more [internally or externally], read more and find 5 new ideas from what you encounter with your new mindset. Write down your ideas [even if they seem dumb or silly]. You may go back to it at a later time and realize it’s the next big thing, or it may inspire you onto another path to grow your business and create the life you want.

Unlucky with Luck?: Your mind is clogged and can’t even connect with any of the above. Taking a break is at times the perfect recipe to reconnect, regroup and get passionate again about your vision and future. Disconnecting will allow you to see opportunity more clearly and help define your current state and future potential progress. The world will not stop with you stepping away for an hour, or a day. You are doing yourself and your business more harm by staying put and stuck in a static place of doom.

Action: If this is you, you need to stop right now and step outside. STOP! Take a break and reconnect. It’s advisable to take 24 hours off from any connection [Ipad, Iphone, Laptop, emails…] and do something not work related. It’s best to do something new, different, to break you out of the mold that you have fallen into. A new movie, new friends, new city…you get the point.

Karma is real: The Karma principle works in business too not just in life. When you offer opportunities to others, when you take that leap and reach out to someone else, it will come back to you.


Be there to help other entrepreneurs grow their business, offer support or advice, send an intro between two people you feel need to connect. Be proactive in the success of those around you…in turn they will assist you on to your vision of grand business living.

Have a tip you would like to share? Let us know how these work for you.

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  • Art / 9 December 2015 4:16

    You are right on the money with this .
    I find if I pray toward specific things that works well also.
    Great piece of advice.

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