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With over 30,000 women reading FemCity monthly, we know what our FEMS want to read about during their daily perusing. Here are some tips on how to get published on FemCity.com.

  1. Submit articles that share 3-10 tips on a certain business or lifestyle topic for women in business. Please support resources, links and additional examples on your tips are proven to work or have worked for you in the past. Valuable content – Fems come to our site to learn and be inspired, not be sold to! Showcase your awesomeness with valuable content that benefits the reader. The benefit to the contributor is that YOU look like an expert!
  2. Before submitting for Editorial review, ask yourself “what will this teach the reader”, “how will the reader benefit in business from my article”, “is this an article they will want to share with their friends”, and “is this an article that best represents my knowledge and expertise”
  3. Please include a boiler plate. If you don’t have one, click here for our boiler plate worksheet.  
  4. If you are having a hard time thinking of a topic to cover or how to market yourself, here is a podcast on marketing yourself. 
  5. Please be sure you have double checked for grammatical errors.
  6. Formatting – please use shorter paragraphs and headings to break up your article. This saves us a lot of time formatting your article for maximizing SEO and making it reader-friendly Speaking of SEO – we will apply the SEO for your article using the Yoast plugin, but it helps if you’re mindful of keywords when writing the article, and giving it a title
  7. Graphics – be mindful that in order to keep the our website beautiful and well branded, we will be utilizing images from FemCity’s collection of licensed/purchased graphics.

As for turnaround, typically within 3 business days. If it’s not approved, please tweak and submit again! We want to feature you on FemCity.com!

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