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A FemCity® Worksheet // Created by Founder of FemCity Violette de Ayala

Looking to grow business via FemCity? Here is a quick Top 10 list of ways you can get your business growing, your brand noticed and flourish in all areas of your life.

  1. ATTEND LOCAL EVENTS // When you attend local events, you expand your network and circle of connectivity. As a Business Member, you are recognized by your local FemCity President and honored at local events. Its like an in live editorial on your awesomeness.
  2. BECOME A CO-HOST // become a co-host of a local event and have your name and business featured and circulated through out the community. All hosts share the event with their circle of influence and so your name and business is circulated to thousands of FEMS.
  3. FACEBOOK // Post your promos, articles and tips on your local FemCity Facebook page. It’s constant advertising on you and your business.
  4. ONLINE FORUMS // Use the online forum for private focus group and strategic advice.  Need a more private platform to ask for specific questions? Get feedback on price points and services you are thinking of offering? Create your own Forum or join in on other forums.
  5. FREE MONTHLY Q & SESSIONS // Attend free monthly sessions with Founder of FemCity,  Violette de Ayala. Check out our online global classroom for upcoming dates and registration details.
  6. POST ARTICLES ONLINE  // share your knowledge on industry trends and get published on FemCity. Editorial assistance may be available in your area.
  7. POST EVENTS ON COMMUNITY CALENDAR // hosting a yoga workshop? A social event or know of an amazing charity event in your community? Post it on your local FemCity Calendar to get it promoted.
  8. FEATURED IN DIRECTORY // Your profile on FemCity will appear on the local FemCity online page. The more your name and business is seen, the more your opportunities will grow.
  9. GALLERY // Smile and say Cheese and then comment on it too! Business Members can comment on the gallery and share positivity on gallery threads on local FemCity online pages.
  10. FEATURED FEMS // Get featured in our Featured FEMS online. Has your business been featured in the local press? Were you on TV? Share your news with us and we will share it with the world!


Additional benefits include posting gratitude shout outs to one another on FemCity profile pages, exclusive Business Member events, surprise features on social media, noted in global marketing upon joining and special monthly shout outs.

What’s your favorite benefit? Comment below and share with fellow FEMS.

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For webinars, videos and podcasts on this topic and more, please visit our online classroom for more free resources. For a more in depth assistance and 1:1, please visit our coaching series.

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