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How to Hire a Business Coach

Written by: Violette de Ayala, Founder and CEO of Femfessionals

Working with so many women entrepreneurs through the arms of Femfessionals, I hear a lot of personal stories of women being burned by “business coaches”. These jaded stories all have common threads of high pressured group settings, hitting the core of pain during the pitch and often a free way to enter into their world so they can solve your problems and make you a millionaire. There are amazing business coaches out there but to find the perfect fit for you, you need to dig a bit deeper beyond the glitz and glamour of their pitch and their social media shenanigans.

A business coach and mentor can keep you on track to your vision, bring clarity in those steps and serve as a point of accountability. Business coaches can even assist with key introductions and personal advice. Here are some things to help you while searching for the perfect business coach for your business.

  1. Their “Successful” Pitch: It starts with bringing up your pain, your struggles and your daily challenges in a vague sort of way. It’s often followed by their promise to make it all go away after “investing” in their program. While it’s great to invest in yourself and in a great business coach, the best business coaches aren’t singing their own praises. Their reputation, client feedback and personal business successes should illustrate their awesomeness. Look beyond the pitch to the core of their work.
  1. Fluff or Real: In a world of purchasing followers and creating an image not based accurately on truth, reputations are still best based on feedback. Look for testimonials, ask colleagues and look beyond their Instagram photos. Anything can look grand in an image, the real work is through feedback of people you trust and admire.
  1. Their Personal Success: The streams of “I will make you a millionaire, if you purchase my coaching” is constantly appearing through sponsored feeds and posts. What have they personally created? When you dig deep, some haven’t created anything outside of their business coaching program. I have personally known of situations where women hired coaches tinkering on the levels of poverty or ones that have never launched a business successfully. If they just coach but have no hands on personal business successes that resemble your vision in grand ways, they may not be a great fit for you and your business.
  1. Go with your Gut: Take the time to research various coaches, not just the ones screaming marketing in your face. Research, review and at the end of the process go with your gut. Which Business Coach connects with you on a deeper level? Which one resonates with your current place and the vision you have for your future? Your gut will know which one is the best for you.
  1. Your Circle: Look at your circle of friends and colleagues and reach out to those you admire and respect most. Ask them how they got to where they are now, who helped them, tips they have to share with you. Reach out to those already living your future dream of business and research how they got there [their Coach]. Use their path of success as a guided road to walk for your business as well.

It does take a village of support to get you to the next level of business. It’s often achieved through a support system of friends, mentors, coaches and resources you find along the way. Implement a series of systems that fit your vision and take the time to get to know your Business Coach prior to hiring. It may be the most money you invest in your business this year. Be sure it’s invested wisely to help you and your business grow successfully.

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