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content marketing with michele scism

How to Sell Like a Pro | Interview with Michele Scism 

Is there a mindset that is needed in order to sell like a pro? 

Yes – The majority of entrepreneurs did not start their business with the desire to sell. It is not usually a skill that people start their business with. To sell like a pro the first thing you have to do is shift your mindset. I find that a lot of entrepreneurs avoid sales and selling all together because they don’t want to be pushy sales people. The shift is to realize that until you can get someone to hire you, you will not be able to help them. You aren’t “taking” their money. It is simply a transaction that gives you the ability to spend time working with this client.

Are there stages to selling like a pro?

Yes – When you are new to selling you might find it hard to actually ask for the money. You will find that as you begin to have sale conversations and begin to work on your actual script for these conversations you will improve your closing ability. There is another fact that entrepreneurs need to get clear on as well. Sales aren’t made based on the features of your program. People buy because of the benefit they are going to get. They don’t care if you are going to give them 10 audio recordings they just want to know that once they finish this program they will have lost 20 lbs.

What is a good process on following up on a sales lead?

Using an automated system is the best like Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign. However, if you aren’t using an automated program there are several strategies that I use. First, after meeting someone I want to follow up with, I connect with them on each of the social media sites that I am active on. Second, I reach out to attempt to schedule a follow up conversation. This is done through email first with a link to my calendar to schedule a call. If they don’t schedule an appointment within 48 hours my assistant reaches out to schedule the appointment. Some of the things for you to remember is that not all sales are made on the 1st contact. 80% of sales are made after the 5th contact.

What do you do when someone says no to your sales pitch?

I ask them why and I work to overcome their objections. The biggest mistake you can make is to simply accept a no the 1st time. Look at a No as an opportunity to give them more information. If you have started out your conversation by finding out what their pain point is then you have the ability to ask them what they are going to do to change that pain. If you absolutely can’t get them to say Yes, then ask them if it would be ok for you to follow up with them in the future and then make a note on your calendar to make sure you do it.

Many FEMs in our community struggle with setting prices for their services. What are some tips for them in setting prices? 

First you should get clear on what change you make for your client and can you give that a value? Remember that their pain point has a value to them. What are they willing to pay to have a great relationship with their son or lose 50 lbs. or grow their business? You can use what others in your field charge as a starting point but do not let that be your only pricing factor. Don’t attempt to underprice your competition. Set yourself up as the   premium brand and work with people who value your premium.

What is an effective method to stay on track with clients and their services?

As a coach, the way I keep my clients on track is to 1st set goals for our coaching. Second, for each call they are required to submit a coaching form that is designed to have them celebrate what they have accomplished, acknowledge what didn’t happen and focus on where their current struggle is.

Any other tips or resources you would like to share? 

For small business owners, if you are not making the money you want in your business the first question I have is how many sales conversations are occurring every week? How many people did you offer your products or services to? What are the benefits of your program that you are using to sell it? Also it’s important to realize that even the most amazing sales people only sell 1 in 3 conversations. For most beginning salespeople, it is 1 in 10 conversations. So begin by paying the No game. Find 10 people to offer your program to and when you get those 9 No’s you will find that 1 of them will say Yes. Then begin to improve your sales conversation and get 2 Yes’s.

For more information:

This week I am hosting an event called Decide, Act, Profit. During the event I am going to show you how to hold these conversations, give you the scripts that you need to practice and help you figure out who the people are that you are having the conversations with. For all of my FemCity friends I have a special half-price ticket. You can find out more about the event at http://DecideActProfit.com and remember to use promo code FemCity.

For more information on how to improve your sales conversations check out our website at http://Decisiveminds.com and a great resource for you is our Results Based Selling program. Find out more at http://ResultsBasedSelling.com


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