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Global Femfessional, Michelle Goebel, Chief Inspiration Officer of Meditation, Mindfulness & Wellness, is featured in the Sun Sentinel in an article titled “Meditation Coach Helps Executives Bust Stress”. Click here to read the full article. 

Michelle Goebel is the Founder of Inspired Intent. She is a Certified, Meditation, Mindfulness and Wellness Instructor and Healing Practitioner with more than 24 years experience. Michelle has studied in-person with Deepak Chopra, MD and Co-Founder David Simon, MD at the Chopra Center in California. For over 20 years, Michelle has practiced various types of evidence-based, meditation and natural healing. Through daily meditation, mindfulness and simple self-care techniques, she helps people to unlock their potential, reduce stress, regain vitality, boost performance, improve sleep, enhance well-being and find more joy and success in life.

To connect with Michelle, click here.

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