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Intentional @ WORK

Shared by Violette de Ayala, Founder & CEO of FemCity® // Femfessionals®

The classic Vedic text known as the Upanishads declares, “You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

We all strive to live life and conduct business with purposeful intention. How do we combat the sounds of chaos in a world filled with digital connectivity and remain intact with our intentions? How do we move with grace through business while balancing strong challenges and winding roads of unknowing? How do we keep on the path of creating with our intended purpose every step of the way?

I am sharing three tips that I use to keep the path from desire to destiny in check.


1. PEACE // Creating a business and growing into bigger business can produce high levels of stress and stifling fear. To be in business and continuously grow, peace in your heart and the leveling off of anxiety will assist you greatly. When you find stressful moments increasing, and start to feel dizzy from so many avenues crossing your mind, pause and slow down. It’s most likely the opposite of what you want to do in that moment, but pausing allows your mind to stop racing. Take 10 minutes [or more] off and reconnect through meditation or moments in solitude. Grasp onto the vision of your path, your goodness with intention and allow yourself to just be still. Stay in this state until you start to feel your mind and body normalize into a state of peace. Let the anxiety drip off your shoulders and away from your mind.

2. UN-PLUG // We get lost in the buzz of the digital world and forget what the ground feels like under our feet [metaphorically and literally]. It’s incredibly recharging to spend hours away from all devices and surround ourselves with the nature of humans and beautiful creations. You’ll feel like it can’t be done and that the world will end if you aren’t connected. That is your ego kicking in with immense craziness and sugared untruths. The world will continue with you being in an unplugged state, and your world will become brighter when you eventually reconnect.

3. NEGATIVE STATES // We all have negative dealings with perhaps negative people in work and life. It’s a part of stepping out in life and growing in all areas. Meditation, perspective and loving thoughts serve to find balance in the way you correspond. Your thoughts and core balance will assist you in keeping with your harmony and positivity. You are in control of your feelings and the way you absorb scenarios. Your mind is incredibly powerful and your mindset is geared by your thoughts. Think holistically and with clarity. The negativity is rarely about your actions but your past experiences. If you find you are at fault, remove the ego and let your words apologize and correct the situation. It’s part of business and the world of possibilities. It’s part of the path too.

Lead in business with deep intention, unbroken love and profound passion. The world can feel your love for making business better through your purpose. Let your intentions shine through…


Violette is the Founder of FemCity [a global online and local community for women entrepreneurs and division of Femfessionals], a small business expert, writer and mother of three. A serial entrepreneur with 20-plus years of experience, Violette is passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs through business growth, big vision strategies and positivity. For more inspiration and business tips, visit www.violettedeayala.com and www.myfemcity.com.

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