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Interview with Wendy Dutwin | Creating Memorable Marketing Campaigns

Creating Memorable Marketing Campaigns | Interview with Wendy Dutwin, President & Founder, Limelight Media

1. How did you get into this role and profession?

I am a real go-getter, Type-A, make it happen personality.  I’m from the east coast and I’ve worked in New York City, Austin, Texas and now Los Angeles.  I decided to go out on my own in 2004 when I realized a lot of details were falling through the cracks with my clients.  I left my job and started my own business, Limelight Media.  It was scary and risky but I knew I could give my clients the personalized, hands-on service they expected, but more importantly, they deserved.  

Limelight Media is a celebrity procurement agency so we work with these brands to find the right celebrity to partner with on specific products.  You see these partnerships on TV commercials, billboards, magazine ads and more.  In order to find the perfect fit between a client and a celebrity, I have become a professional marketing matchmaker!

2. What do you think are the most important elements for a successful marketing campaign?

I believe the most important elements are finding the right match between the brand to the celebrity to the team who puts it all together.  At Limelight Media, we strive to make our clients successful, but we also want them to be happy.  We work with them from beginning to end of each project – this is another key to our success.  We are with them from the early infancy stages of a campaign until the very end.  By taking this journey with the client, we can ensure a stand-out campaign.

3.  What are some of the biggest mistakes you have seen in marketing campaigns?

A breakdown of communication.  The end result or final goal has to be the finish line for all parties involved and if one spoke of the wheel is not on the same track, the marketing campaign isn’t going to spin.  Communication is a big part of what we do at Limelight Media.  Since we work with our clients on their marketing campaigns from start to finish, we communicate all day via emails, texts, phone calls, meetings – you name it!  We have a lot of moving parts we need to keep straight.  In this business, when the communication line goes down, so does the campaign.

4. What is a great resource to track success in a campaign?

There are so many ways, but our favorite at Limelight Media, is to see the ways our clients take a look at the hard numbers and work with them to find people who will meet those numbers.  What’s the social media influence?  How many eyes are looking at the print ad?  Who is clicking on the campaign links?  How many viewers tuned to this interview?  For a lot of our clients, numbers is their love language so we try to provide hard facts whenever we can. 

5.  Creatively speaking, what motivates or gets your mind thinking out of the box?

Meditation!  I’m an early riser and I need those few extra moments in the morning to collect my thoughts, center my mind and just breathe.  I’ve been practicing for a few years now and when I’m done, I feel energized, inspired and ready to tackle my long to-do list.

6. What is the most successful campaign you have been a part of?

That would be our latest campaign with Jennifer Aniston and our client Shire.  They were looking for a celebrity for their product that treats dry eye.  The stars aligned when Jennifer talked about having dry eyes in a magazine article around the time my client and I were deciding if a celebrity was the right way to go. My client gave the green light, we called her team who also saw this partnership as a good, organic fit, and Jennifer Aniston signed on. These are the matches made in heaven, because not only did we find a celebrity who is directly impacted by the campaign, but who is also so relatable to our client’s targeted audience. 

7.  Any tips you would like to share for our community of FEMS?

Take chances and say yes.  I was offered a lot of opportunities throughout my career and I always took them.  It brought me to where I am today.  Also, get creative in tough times.  Most marketing and advertising companies came to a standstill during the Great Recession, but we worked hard to keep Limelight Media in business.  It wasn’t easy but we were able to adapt to the changing landscape.  We bent, instead of being broken.

8.  How can we learn more about you?

Visit our website www.limelightmedia.net – we are also on Facebook.  We have many new projects and partnerships coming up in 2017.  Come visit us online and see what we are up to!

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