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When was the last time you felt REALLY proud of your smile?

Taking pride in the way your smile looks and feels opens doors you may not know exist, ladies.  A beautiful and healthy smile brings you joy, increases your self confidence, and promotes the increased production of “happy hormones” within you.  All this proves to make you and those around you more joyful and successful people.

Studies have shown that people who feel proud of their smile do better in business and relate to others more effectively.  Whether professionally or in your personal life, exuding self confidence exponentially increases your chances for success.  Feeling fabulous about yourself while relaying a message, selling a product, or delivering a service  dramatically  increases your opportunities to succeed at achieving your desired result.  Friends, relatives, and business associates sense your honesty and willingness to serve them well when you approach them with a smile that expresses the goodness within you.  Your smile represents you on so many different levels.  Is yours one you are proud to call your own? Is it assisting you?  Or, do you hide it while trying to deliver the best of you?

Your smile’s cleanliness, appearance, and style speaks volumes about who you are.  When speaking of esthetics, for example, you MUST make sure your own appearance reflects that of which you are speaking when trying to promote your cosmetic service, product, or message.  That said, let your smile represent you.  Allow it to assist you; think of it as your best friend in business!  Flashing a gorgeous and healthy smile encourages joy, trust, and motivation in others.  Cautiously exhibiting one you are not so sure of ignites a sense of ambiguity, doubt, and question when the person on the other end of the conversation cannot feel your confidence and joy.

Business requires accuracy in fact, detail, and information when delivering a message.  Allowing your positive self image to complement a powerful presentation almost guarantees success.  A captivating smile goes very far.  Learn to use it to your advantage, ladies.  It is yours. Make sure it is one you are proud of!

Allow me to ask the question again.

When was the last time you felt REALLY proud of your smile?

If your answer reflects happiness and joy about how yours looks and feels….congratulations!!  You have more than half the battle won.  Use it. Bring it to every business meeting and take it to every party you attend.  Show it off and do not leave home without it.  Not only will YOU feel happier but everyone you come in contact with will also feel great!!

If your answer is not as chipper…..do not worry; there is hope!  Smile care is important.  Investing in you is imperative.  Loving everything about you is a requirement!  Please know there is a solution to most everything we feel strongly about.  A healthy and confident smile is one you can attain when it becomes something of value to you.  It all starts with your desire to be a better you.  A better version of who you are today will inspire those around you to want your business and friendship!  Remember, a pleasant smile stimulates “happy hormones”in you and in those experiencing it.  Happy hormones make us do many things we otherwise would not.

I invite you on this journey.  Take your smile on a test drive.  If it opens doors along the way, keep and take care of it.  If not, improve it. Make a list of what you would like to see and feel when owning a smile you would be proud of.  Share this list with your trusted smile physician and begin your journey.  The final destination will surely be one you would not want to return from.

Please visit me should you like to share your smile concerns.  It would be my pleasure to assist you with attaining a “Smile You’d Be Proud To Wear…ANYWHERE!”

Keep Smiling!

Dr. Rita 



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  • Marge Dorsa / 5 June 2017 4:28

    So many wonderful messages and things to think about. Thank you for sharing, Dr. Rita!

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