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Keep Giving and Keep Living….

Written By: Femfessional President, Karen Roth

This phrase pretty much sums up my philosophy of life.

In truth, this is a spiritual principle that will never leave you lacking.

In this season of love, hope, joy, and giving, I feel compelled to share a few secrets I’ve learned through the years.

I’ve had times of ‘plenty’ and times of ‘less than plenty’ – in all areas of my life – love, finances, wellness, happiness – in my personal and professional lives.

This blog’s title, Keep Giving & Keep Living, came to me during a very low time. I was newly divorced (for the second time), finances were low, job prospects were nil and I was living alone in a small, leased condo – desperately trying to stay positive. In this time of my life, I was facing the very real possibility of having to move ‘back home’ with my parents at the age of 50-something.

As a woman of faith, I knew that God had a plan for my life but I realized that my plan and God’s plan for me might not be completely in sync. During my time spent in solitude, reflection and prayer of how to proceed and what to do?  I distinctly ‘heard’ the words, Keep giving and keep living. It was so clear that I knew it was the answer I had been seeking. No, it was not exactly what I wanted to hear, but I chose in that moment to trust, to believe, and to walk it out. 

At the lowest point of my life I chose to volunteer at a local homeless shelter. I also gave the last $5. I had in my wallet, during a collection at church, because I believed that God needed to see that I would honor the commitment I had made. I knew deep in my spirit that my obedience in the face of opposing circumstances was the very thing that God was asking of me – To trust in faith.

To give when we have plenty is easy. To  give in the face of our need is an act of faith. Having been on both sides, I can honestly tell you that it is far easier to give than it is to receive. However, to give when our needs may be compromised is quite another issue.

I now know that I was being tested. I was ‘placed’ in a situation that required me to face my deepest fears in order that I might be set free. If I had chosen to accept defeat; succumb to the fear, and hold on to my last dollar in panic/survival mode, I would not know the freedom that I now have.

God asked me to step outside of myself and my needs to respond to the needs of others without seeing a way out.

In this season of giving and hope – it is possible that you must take a leap of faith and trust, even when you see no way out of your difficult situation. I am living proof that you can trust God with your life, your finances, and your security, both here and eternally.

Keep giving and keep living. 

May you experience overflowing peace, joy and abundance this Christmas season as you trust in the One who longs to love you deeply.


I have found that among its other benefits, GIVING liberates the soul of the giver. Maya Angelou

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