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FemCity Las Vegas

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About FemCity // LAS VEGAS

Welcome to FemCity® Las Vegas.

I believe life can and should be simple and easy. The easier we make things, the happier we are, the happier our customers are, the happier our employees are, and ultimately the more it shows in our bottom line. I LOVE helping people simplify life and making things easier, which I do through Coaching and Training. My emphasis is helping people take the mental and emotional garbage out of their minds so they can get laser focused on creating the life they always wanted. Part of that mental and emotional “reprogramming” is based in the foundation of gratitude, which I absolutely love about FemCity.

After spending the majority of my career in Fortune 100 companies often times being the only woman, it has been a true blessing and unexpected surprise to find myself surrounded by brilliant women now that I’m an entrepreneur. Every time I wanted to quit, it has always been a fellow female who encouraged me to keep going. It is an honor to bring females together for the common purpose and benefit of lifting each other up.

I have seen a growing need and desire for a program like FemCity in Las Vegas. Over and over, I meet women looking for an opportunity to connect and build their businesses through their female network. What I especially like about FemCity is the focus of “a world where women prosper together.” I believe the world needs more positivity where people feel truly connected to a common purpose which includes building each other up. That is what FemCity stands for and I’m thrilled to bring this organization to Las Vegas!

My goal is for us to build a strong network of women who actively work to build each other up, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. Connecting positive-minded, amazing women with so much to offer that we can all flourish and know without a doubt that being a part of FemCity took us to an improved level in our relationships and in our businesses.

Please share with friends too! The more women in our community, the more women grow business together. 

Have questions or suggestions? EMAIL: lasvegas@femcity.com

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