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We are thrilled that you are excited in launching a FemCity Collective in your community. Please complete the questionnaire and send to community@femcity.com. In addition, please place in the subject line, “I want to launch a FemCity Collective”.


Below you will also find more FAQ’s on the role :

FAQ for Starting a Collective

  1. How do I publicize when things are happening? Collective Leaders choose a date, time and location for the monthly Collective Series. We recommend choosing a recurring monthly date (first Friday or third Thursday of each month). Once you know the date, time and location you’ll submit that information to FemCity admin team. They’ll post it on your FemCity webpage for you (you can easily share the link with others). Our team will also send an email announcement to your Collective members prior to each event.
  2. Is there a way I can make money doing this if I want? The role of the Collective Leader is that of a volunteer local host. However, it is designed to provide a platform to build your brand, increase exposure and credibility in your community, and position you as an expert in your field – all of which can directly and indirectly support your business.
  3. Can I start two Collectives in one city or just run one? We like to take it one step at a time. If you’re an experienced Collective Leader will a full community of 25 business women, we’d be happy to chat about adding another Collective in/near your town.
  4. Is there a specific distance between Collectives? We envision each small city/town/suburb to have its own Collective. Generally, we recommend a 20 minute drive between FemCity Collectives.
  5. Is curriculum for women in all stages of business or only tailored to beginners? Topics are carefully curated to appeal to women in all stages of business and with varying degrees of experience.
  6. Is there an attendance policy for Collective members? While we strive to achieve 100% participation of all 25 members in each Collective Community, we understand life sometimes gets in the way. Some members will be more active than others and that is normal. However, non-participation is not helpful to the group. If a member attends less than 50% of the time, she may be asked to give up her space to allow someone else to join.
  7. Can I create a Facebook Page or a Group for this? No need to do so. FemCity has already created a Facebook group for all Collective members in all Collective communities. This is a space to discuss the monthly theme/topic. Only paid business members of a Collective will be approved to join. No promotional content is allowed.
  8. What are the resources I receive if I start a Collective? We provide the training, tools and support to help you launch a FemCity Collective. We arm you with the curriculum, the monthly theme/topic, professionally designed worksheets, and a complete agenda for each gathering [our signature 20/20/20/20 program]. Leaders are also invited to join a private Facebook group to share tips with other Collective Leaders. Each Collective Leader receives ongoing training and support with access to materials online and access to a real life FemCity Director to help guide you all the way.
  9. How can a leadership role benefit me? The Collective Leader is a volunteer role and provides a platform brand building, leadership development, and increased visibility and exposure in the community. FemCity provides a beautifully designed webpage (ex. www.femcity.com/yourtown) where the local Collective Leader and her 25 local members are all featured. Additionally, FemCity provides complimentary extras as milestones are achieved in the creation of each new Collective. FemCity Collective Local Leaders make a positive difference in the community, change the lives of local women and business all in positivity + gratitude.

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  • Catalina Moscoso / 10 January 2018 5:32

    Violette, this is a great initiative! Is there anyway we could see the curriculum before committing to a collective? Thank you!

  • Gwendolyn Peterson / 23 January 2018 3:25

    I am currently a Business member. I was told that if I start a Collective I will lose my Business status. Is this true and what does that mean?

    • Violette de Ayala / 23 January 2018 5:09

      Hi Gwendolyn, Thank you for your question. No…that is not accurate. You would not lose your status as a Business Member. Please feel free to email us any other questions you have regarding your membership and or launching your own Collective. We will private message you this evening.

  • Danielle Woolley / 28 January 2018 10:33

    What an exciting time for FEMs everywhere!

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