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FYI on the FemCity Affiliate Program

Over the last year, we have chatted with FEMS around the world including our leadership teams. We are excited to finally announce the FemCity Affiliate Program with our FEMS.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, here’s the gist: every member (community, business, and global) get their own unique affiliate link they can use to promote our FemCity paid membership + swag from the FemCity Shop. When someone uses your unique link (example: www.femcity.com/XiHklY), the purchase is attached to your account and you receive 20% commission. 

For those that have questions, here are some FAQ’s and also tutorial on how to get started. 

1. What is an affiliate program? An affiliate program pays you commission based on the sales generated by your affiliate link to the website you are promoting.

2. What does that mean for me? The FemCity Affiliate program pays affiliates in the program 20% on sales brought in by your unique and personalized website affiliate link. Each time someone purchases a membership from the FemCity website with your affiliate link, you get 20% commission of that sale amount. As you post about FemCity on your social media channels, email marketing and on your site, your revenue opportunity increases as more join FemCity as a paid members.

3. How do I become an affiliate of FemCity? Only members can be affiliates. Upon joining, members are automatically given the option of becoming an FemCity affiliate. Check your affiliate area through your FemCity membership account.

4. How do I make money through the affiliate program? Share FemCity on your blog, through your email marketing, social media platforms and by personal invitations to their contacts with your affiliate specific link. As women purchase through your personal and specific affiliate web link, you grow revenue and money.

5. How do I get started in becoming a FemCity affiliate? Log in to your membership dashboard on FemCity and visit the affiliate area. [You must join as a FemCity Member]. You will find your personal URL // website link connected to your account [your affiliate link] in your dashboard. Use this link anytime you share FemCity. You will also find our promos, marketing and suggested copy to help you make more money as a FemCity Affiliate. Your link will connect the money to your account so it’s important to use it all the time.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t see anything in your affiliate area of your membership, please at community@femcity.com and let us know you would like to be an affiliate. We will sign you up in a speedy fashion. 

6. How do I get my Affiliate link? Log into your membership account and visit the affiliate area. You will find your link there to share in addition to reports to help you track your success in sharing FemCity and monies made to date.

7. How do I promote FemCity to earn money? 70-80% of your success in the affiliate program will come through posting about FemCity on social media. Personal invitations to friends and colleagues with your URL link is also a great way to share your affiliate link. It will work best with one of our FemCity images created for this program.

8. When do I get paid? You will get paid through a PayPal account that is connected to the email you used to join FemCity. Be sure you have created a PayPal account with the same email used to create your FemCity membership. Checks are paid out by the 15th of every month. Payments are based on a month by month basis. Example: You will get paid on July 15th from sales brought in through your affiliate link from June 1-31st of the previous month. Or, if you already have a PayPal account under another email, simply visit PayPal to edit or add a secondary email [the one connected to your FemCity account]. 

9. Where can I see how many friends have joined FemCity? You have access 24/7 to your affiliate dashboard to track your successes and number of joins.

10. How can I track the success of my efforts? Check your affiliate area which you can access through logging into your FemCity Membership account [dashboard].

11. Do I make money on the community memberships? No, you only make money on paid memberships and the FemCity Shop. [This doesn’t apply to any local programming]

12. Do I make money on the FemCity events? No, just in the paid memberships and the FemCity Shop.



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