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Let’s Get Personal About Your Business

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Let’s face it: There are tons of businesses out there that do what you do. So, how can you stand out?

By flaunting the one asset those other brands don’t have—YOU.

That’s right. YOU are the one thing above all else that makes your business unique. And while others may emulate, there’s only one YOU, so the more you showcase what makes you special into your approach, the better off your business will be.

Everything we do is a reflection of our personal brand, and while we shouldn’t walk on eggshells or aim for perfection, we do need to be mindful of how we’re being perceived. Why? Because that perception impacts our know, like, and trust factor, which is often THE deciding factor for prospects considering doing business with us.

If you’re a service provider, you want to pay close attention. Clients buy from people, not logos.

Your personal brand and your business brand have to align, meaning they have to share the same vibe and values. Otherwise, there’s a disconnect that leads to confusion—and we all know what happens there.

How can you shape your PERSONAL BRAND and ensure it aligns with your business?

Start by looking at the ways you connect with your market—A.K.A., your marketing mix. That’s where your personal brand is on display and having an impact.

As a business owner, everything you do online has an impact, so even though your personal accounts may be separate, know that anything you post could meet the eyes of your prospects. As some clients become Facebook friends, the lines between business and personal relationships get blurred. Before you post, ask yourself if that content is aligned with your personal brand and how it might impact your business.

There’s nothing like being face to face with a prospect. Whether you’re speaking from the stage, networking, or just conversing by the water cooler, everything you say and do makes an impression.

Appearance actually goes beyond the way we look to include the way we walk, talk, and act in public. For example: If you’re a professional organizer who shows up to an event with her bag or briefcase in disarray, that’s a clear disconnect from your brand values.

Dress for the part. Are you a corporate CEO or the owner of a yoga empire? That will certainly dictate the direction you take your tone. You really want to look at who you’re targeting, what you stand for, and how you want to be perceived.

And while there are many conventions worth considering, writing your own rules is allowed, so long as you’re consistent. Steve Jobs wore turtlenecks instead of suits, establishing somewhat of an anti-establishment vibe as the face of Apple.

Speak your brand truth. Whether you’re speaking to a live audience or a virtual one, how you speak is a direct reflection of your brand. Is your language in line with your brand vibe and values?

It’s all about making memorable connections with your audience. You may even need to adjust to different audiences and tone things up or down, depending on who you’re facing. Are they buttoned up and corporate? Casual, fun, and fresh? If it’s the former, you’ll probably lean toward formality as opposed to swearing like a sailor.

Examine the adjectives you use to describe your brand. What values and tone are you committed to? Are you reflecting those in your personal presentation? Your speaking? Your behaviors? Who is your audience? What kind of vibe do you want to create?

While these may seem like superficial details, they matter. Like it or not, every interaction your prospects have with your brand—whether that’s your content, your logo, or YOU—communicates something. And, that communication is either helping or hurting your chances of doing business with them.

Stay true to YOU. You definitely want to be fully self expressed in your personal brand because that’s what distinguishes you from the pack. Just be mindful of how your personal brand affects your business. Being more mindful of your choices will also keep you more present to your brand values, your stand, and what you’re out to create in the world.

As you go through this checklist, share your concerns and wins with me. Need another set of eyes to evaluate your personal brand status? Let’s schedule a call!

Jena Rodriguez is a Brand, Business & BRAVE Strategist committed to catapulting profits & unleashing potential of entrepreneurs. Check out http://braveFB.bravemasters.com

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