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Looking for More Success in the Workplace? Meditation is Your Answer! | Written By: Peggy Gaines, RN

Did you know meditation has been shown to affect all brain function? Your long term and short-term memory, cognitive function and your creativity are all affected!

In the workplace distractions happen – but studies show people who practice meditation have the ability to refocus faster than people who don’t. Through meditation, you can train your brain to acknowledge distractions, let them go, then refocus for optimum success.

Trained Vs. Untrained – Which Prevails?

In an office setting, you are more focused, more concentrated and more on point… so why meditate? If your competitor is practicing meditation and you are not, they possess an advantage. Their mind is sharper. In contrast, your mind is scattered because you have not learned the training to stay focused.

For instance, you both give a presentation that shares the same information. Distractions and interruptions will occur for you both. However, the competitor’s mental training allows him or her to refocus quicker. This aids your competitor in bringing the information together much more quickly and efficiently than you. This is meditation training in action.

Learning the Art of Mediation

When I teach meditation, I encourage people to understand and acknowledge that thoughts and distractions will come up. Real training happens when you acknowledge a thought and let it go on by. Do this by remaining focused – bring your mind back to your mantra and breathing.

The trick is not to get frustrated with yourself. Interruptions occur frequently; that’s life!

The process involves three steps:

  • Recognize the thought/distraction/interruption
  • Let it go
  • Refocus your awareness

Refocusing is like doing a bicep curl for your brain. You are actually training your brain to stay on track and focused, and the more you strengthen that ability, the more powerful your attention.

Translating Your Meditation Training in the Working World

When you begin the training process it’s normal to feel as though you have too many thoughts. Truthfully we all have too many thoughts! Take for instance a Buddhist Monk. They devote their entire life to understanding the art of meditation. How long do you think a Buddhist Monk can go without a single thought? An hour? A day? A week? Studies show… it’s three minutes!

Now if a Buddhist Monk who devotes his life to meditation can last three minutes without an interruption – then one hour is simply unattainable. Instead, set realistic standards and you will have much more success!

Whether few or many distractions arise, no day of meditation practice is a waste of time. Each day you train your brain builds metal ability and stamina to stay focused. Remember to be compassionate with yourself and recognize that everybody has thoughts.

Business and Meditation in Sync

Whether being utilized as a medium for stress management or to develop a razor sharp focus, meditation is beneficial for all levels of employees.

The practice of mental training also creates an increased sense of compassion for your co-workers. Suddenly, it’s like you take the air out of your trigger balloons. They don’t have the same influence over you anymore.

If you’re ready to learn more about meditation, click HERE to get more information.

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