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Running for public office is a task and an endeavor that shifts the ground you stand on. It’s a role that pushes you to your limit while casting a flashlight on your every move. I truly enjoyed the months of campaigning and getting to learn so much more about my community.

Those that step forward to serve in public office, generally do so to benefit their community. As someone that enjoys improving community and serving to impact in a large positive way, this seemed like the perfect experience to take on.

Honestly, I was scared with the idea of running for office. Though I had for years wanted to serve as a public servant, the overwhelming fear kept me away. That which scares us the most, may be the path we need to take.

Here is what I learned from being in “campaign” mode and how I can apply it to business and life.

1.  FEAR: There is a tremendous amount of fear when you step out of your comfort zone, walk into the unfamiliar and lose your footing over a new experience. Just like pitching a new client, or adding a new service to your business menu, there can be a great deal of scariness. When I teach or speak, I always mention “every time I have stepped into fear, the greatness within me has shined brighter”.

BUSINESS LESSON: In life and in business it’s necessary, for the growth of our soul, to do something that makes us uneasy. That “spot” is what reminds us of our unshakeable strength and persevering heart. Complacency may prevent us from connecting to our strength. Take a step in business that scares you. You’ll push your business to the next level after consistent acts of fearless behavior. [Trust me].

2.  BE AUTHENTIC: Throughout the election, everyone had an opinion. It’s similar to being pregnant and having maternal advice thrown at you by people never having carried a human. The best moments in the campaign were when I was my most authentic. Being myself, without any stringent filters, allowed me to connect with others in a stronger capacity and created concrete relationships.

BUSINESS LESSON: You’ll get guidance, whether solicited or not, from everyone about your business. Listen and take notes as some points may be beneficial. However, stay connected to what makes you different, unique and to your true authenticity. We can edit components of who we are to serve our businesses better, but the beauty lies in maintaining a strong sense to our uniqueness. Just be your best you.

3. FANS, FOLLOWERS AND THE OTHERS: You meet people along the route of life and not everyone will like you. Once you comprehend this simple reality, you will be happier. As I was campaigning, one friend said “Violette, at the end of the day some people just won’t like you…and there is nothing you can say or do to change it.” Wise words which served as a grand reminder. As my kids say “haters gonna hate.”

BUSINESS LESSON: His words offered me peace and calmness. In business you do your best, at the end of the day, some clients aren’t going to be a good fit for you. If you feel you are doing your very best for a client, going above and beyond expectations, then perhaps it’s just not a good fit. We don’t need to fit perfectly with everyone. And that is ok. There are enough perfect potential clients awaiting to find you.

4. THE NEGATIVE ONES: Throughout the campaign, a few people said some far out false tidbits about me. The rumors made their way around the community and back to me. At first it was comical until some started to believe the stories. My reputation is what apparently squashed the story from taking over. Albeit a bit too late perhaps, to win the election.

BUSINESS LESSON: Your reputation, your ethics and your integrity will outweigh the false stories some may share about your business. Keep your chin up, keep moving forward and do your best. Don’t allow false stories to take you off your positive beat. This is where your brand and its power, live to share the reality of who you are.

5. EMBARRASSMENT SUBSIDES: When I lost the election, there was a deep sense of embarrassment and feeling of letting others down. The feelings are comparable to pitching a new client, falling flat on your face and then having to go back to your team to let them know you didn’t land the new account. It’s all very ego based in self-pity. [Yes, I went there…]

BUSINESS LESSON: After a big fall, life and business move on. When we have moments of failure or setbacks, everyone moves on to the next thing. We should too! The more we sit and lament and relive the “whys”, the more we miss out on other opportunities waiting. We miss out on the joy of the present to serve as our next significant step.

The biggest lesson of all is to get back into the game of life and business. We take hits, we fall down and we embarrass ourselves. All of which helps us grow, develop and become stronger in our purpose and path. These are the stories that make us greater and help us live life in a more profound way. We need these moments to strengthen our footing and drive tomorrow’s successes closer. Every set back involves great leaps forward. Great leaps forward come from practicing the smaller steps. There is greatness in a powerful stride. There is greatness in it all.

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  • Marge Dorsa / 18 November 2016 12:05

    Every set back involves great leaps forward. Truly love this and have put it in my office as a reminder to look for “my great leaps forward” when having an off day.

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