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Making A Difference through Branding

Cause Marketing is a mutually beneficial, collaborative effort between for profit and not-for-profit organizations, creating global brand awareness for the not-for-profit, while promoting the products and/or services of the for profit organizations.

Here is my example and use of Cause Marketing:

  • Authentic: I have aligned myself with certain not-for-profits based on my goals.
  • Familiar: I’m continuously finding ways of understanding, educating and creating effective partnerships once I’ve identified how it would be beneficial to me to provide Word-of-Mouth Marketing to the general public.
  • Branding: I have received branding exposure through effective marketing campaigns implemented via my alignment.
  • Press coverage: I’ve received local press coverage from being involved which has created a cost-free method for increasing exposure.

There is nothing more worthwhile in building brand loyalty than aligning yourself with a worthy cause through well known Cause Marketing campaigns. For example, March of Dimes has aligned themselves with organizations like Macy, Kmart, Mary, Cigna United Airlines and Mission Pharmacal.

For many of you who know me well, you know how strongly I believe in branding myself by being involved with not-for-profits organizations, especially being the 2016 March for Babies Lee County Florida Chair for being a #21weekpreemie.  I will continue to be involved with the March of Dimes because I can be the voice for those preemies who don’t have a voice.  Everything is possible as long as we have the fighting spirit within.

I’ve learned so much from being involved with these different organizations and I’ve branded myself and Vibrant Consulting accordingly. I’ve created social value, amazing community connections, and have shared the value in so many different areas.  Next time, a not-for-profit asks you to participate in a local event, just think about the synergy it will cause locally, globally and people will want to work with you in your business.

Flora Sanchez, FemCity® Global FEM, and FemCity® #FortMyers #CapeCoral president as well as founder of Vibrant Consulting.

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