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5 Little Ways to Manage Your Finances and Attract More Money

Written by: Amanda Abella

Here’s the thing about money: If you respect money it will respect you in return.

There’s also something to be said for attracting more money if you take the small steps to manage your finances.

You may have noticed that if you avoid your money then it seems like you never have any. Meanwhile, if you pay attention to it (from a loving perspective, of course) then it just shows up. Sometimes money even shows up in weird ways.

Unfortunately, people block this flow or worse, lose money because they don’t even pay attention to the little things. And let’s face it, if you can’t handle little things when it comes to money how can you attract more abundance?

Below you’ll find three little ways to take care of your finances so you can attract more money. 

  1. Cash in on refunds, credits, claims, etc.

Have you ever gotten an inexplicable letter from your credit card company saying you have a credit but don’t get around to getting a check for it? How about never returning things you bought that just didn’t work out? Have you been avoiding filing a claim with your insurance company because you think it’s a headache? These are all ways that we avoid money coming to us. We let these things sit until they pile up and become overwhelming.

Whether we get busy, lazy or just hate dealing with these things the fact remains that we’re letting money just sit there. Meanwhile, we’re still complaining about how we don’t have any. See how that doesn’t make sense?

Make it a point to take care of these things as soon as they show up. I committed to this and got $12 from a closed bank account that had been sitting there for ages, a check for a $10 credit from Amex, and a potential $89 on the way from a health insurance claim.

A few bucks here and there may not seem like much, but everything adds up at the end of they day.

  1. Start negotiating.

Did you know you can negotiate a lower APR on your credit card? In fact, Ramit Sethi even has a script for that. He also has a script for negotiating bank fees and subscription services. You can check out all the scripts here.

A lot of people are afraid of negotiating because they think it’s hard balling. If done properly it’s actually more about finding a happy medium. 

  1. Pump up your self-worth.

This is more of a mental exercise, but it makes all the difference in your financial life. Sometimes when we can’t seem to sort out our finances we can trace it back to a self-worth issue.

If we don’t believe we’re worthy of saving money, asking for more, or figuring stuff out then we won’t. Period. Point blank.

One exercise I’m loving lately, and one that I recommend to coaching clients all the time, is the self-value exercise from Kate Northrup’s Money: A Love Story. Every night before bed I list three ways that I provided value to the world that day. Sometimes I list things that I’m grateful for about myself regardless of whether or not they have to do with business.

What results is money and opportunity showing up in various ways. From doubling my monthly income with one new writing client to getting random credits from a credit card account I closed. It’s happened to my clients as well as they win free stuff and find money on the street.

It happens because we’re open to it and we take action when we have to. As a result, more abundance comes our way.

4. Use Digit for saving money.

There are two apps on the market right now that I am completely obsessed with and have made a big difference in my financial life just from using them for a few months.

The first is Digit. Digit is a web service that links your checking account to a high-yield savings account and makes tiny deposits into savings depending on your spending habits. The idea is that Digit takes money you won’t even miss from your checking account and then puts it into savings for you. It may take out a few cents here and a few dollars there, and over time these small deposits really add up. I collected over $150 worth of change in no time, and it now sits in my Digit account getting some interest.

To make things even better, the recently announced they will be giving cash rewards to users for every $100 they have in the account and with each referral you send their way they give you $5.

Click here to learn more about Digit and sign up for a savings account.

5. Use Acorns for investing money.

The second app I’m obsessed with is Acorns. Acorns is similar to Digit in so far as it connects to your checking account and takes small deposits here and there. In this case, Acorns rounds up to the nearest dollar and sets the difference aside for you.

Once you reach $5 Acorns then allows you to invest the money into index funds. Yes, that’s right – you are putting micro-investments into the American stock market! How brilliant is that?!?!

Once again, these little deposits add up fast. I got another $150 in that account which is now being automatically invested for me into the index fund of my choosing.

Click here to check out Acorns.

Both Digit and Acorns will keep running for as long as I have them linked to my checking account. And they’ve both proven that even small amounts of change can really add up and even make you more money.

Amanda Abella is a Business Coach for Millennials, Amazon bestselling author, Speaker & Blogger for Femfessionals. www.amandaabella.com

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