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Maria Andy Tettamanti – The Wordy Girl

Maria Andy Tettamanti is a Miami-based journalist forThe Miami Herald and Miami.com. She is also a columnist for The Huffington Post and Aventura Magazine. Additionally, Maria writes for Saks Fifth Avenue and The Standard Hotel on their corporate blogs. Known by all as The Wordy Girl, Maria has published works in USA Today, Allure, Us Weekly, Ocean Drive and Life & Style publications. From an online standpoint, Maria has published pieces on Daily Candy, Urban Daddy, MSN, Refinery29 and OceanDrive.com. Maria also is the Co-Founder of Working Girls, which teaches women and men the tools needed to tap into their inner awesomeness and create career fields they cherish and love through various workshops. She is also a Social Media Ninja and handles the social media for several high-brow businesses. Did we mention she’s a mystery blogger too? Yes, she anonymously blogs on behalf of other individuals.

1. So many women feel the need to start and create a blog. Who really should start a blog?Blogging is indeed the new black! Those who should start a blog must have the time to dedicate at least ONE fresh story a week to their platform. Those itching to start a blog also need a clear vision of what they want the write about. A those who want to start a blog must be open to criticism because internet trolls are mean and the comments you’ll get will be downright offensive and mean. Trust!
2. What are some critical things in business you have achieved through your blog creation? Never in a million years could I ever imagine collaborating with brands (and getting paid most times, no less) such as Chanel, ELLE Magazine, Audi, Cadillac, Hermès, GAP, Saks Fifth Avenue, Comcast, Target and more. It never ceases to amaze me that brands will pay me to Tweet or Instagram a particular product. Social Media is serious business, and I treat it as such and bow down to its prowess.
3. You have such a large following. What are some tips on creating a large following on your blog and social media? You have to be relentless/annoying on Social Media. The second I press “publish” on a fresh post, I upload the link to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest (in that exact order). You know that old adage, “Fake it, until you make it”? It’s true. Establish yourself as an expert/influencer from ground zero.
4. What are your three Top inspirations for your creative side?
A) A compelling story or personal issue I want to explore

B) A catchy/beautiful image to reel in the reader

C) Using humor and wit to make my readers laugh and come back for more

5. Lastly, you have two beautiful children and a fabulous marriage. What are your tips to balancing life and work and having it all? I believe that it all starts with my husband — we’ve been together since age 21. As long as we’re solid, everything else just flows in the right direction. I feel that once the kids are in school, this is my time to hit the gym (it’s my therapy and really gets my blood and thoughts going) and then it’s off to my home office to rock out my freelance writing assignments and blog posts. I’ll schedule meetings only while the kids are in school. At 4 o’clock, it’s back to focusing on being a mom — homework, dinner, baths and bedtime. Once the kids are in bed, it’s time to focus my attention on my husband, whether it’s watching a movie or doing nothing at all. I don’t believe in multi-tasking — I get more work done when I am focused oneassignment/task and finish projects with 100% of my love and energy. For all the single ladies, just eliminate the “husband” portion of my advice! The moral of my story? Be present with whatever issue is at hand — in both your personal and business game.
Maria Andy Tettamanti The Wordy Girl
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