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Meeting People Where They Are

Have you ever seen something special in someone that they don’t yet see themselves?

Or maybe you have a service or product solution that you know would dramatically improve someone’s life but they’re not open to it just yet.

As a leader or business person you want to serve, and it can be easy to get caught up in how much you want to see success for someone else.

Also, when you are super pumped about something that others may not be as interested in, it can cause doubt.

You start wondering things like… Are your efforts worth it? Are you doing something wrong? Are you following up too much? Not enough?

They may just be getting comfortable with getting their feet wet and here you are trying to push them into the deep end.

If this sounds familiar then here is your reminder to meet people where they are.

When they are ready to do more than get their feet wet, then it’s totally cool to grab your swim cap and nose plug to do a giant cannonball together.

Until that time comes keep pouring your awesomeness into them, keep on pushing through your own goals and mission and meet them where they are.


Danielle Woolley is a trainer, speaker and natural connector who lives her life by 2 sayings, “Listen To Your Body” and “Collect Experiences Not Things.”  She is passionate about self-wellness and supporting people with their health and entrepreneurial journeys.  She knows first hand that when you feel and look your best you can do awesome things in life and business.

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