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Women wear so many hats that it can be a challenge to stay grounded in--or even connect to--their authentic truth. The result is that when they slow down enough to notice how they feel, they have a sense of disconnection & lack of satisfaction in one or more area of life, but it's often hard to pin down why. Often it comes from having put the immediacy of career, relationships and family over the deep need to connect with and express their authentic truth. Many women have the belief that living from their authentic truth is a luxury, and that they can't have a successful career, stable relationships and/or a thriving family and focus on expressing your authentic truth at the same time. But women actually create more empowering relationships, family dynamics and career opportunities when they learn to live from their authentic truth in a mutually empowering way. I teach women how to connect with their authentic truth, and how to live and speak from there in all areas of their lives so that they can step more fully into their own power, more easily tap into their inner wisdom and intuition, and create the relationships, situations and opportunities that stretch them beyond the limitations they are living under and deeply satisfy them at the core level.

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Dawn Chitwood has been a pleasure to watch since I met her about six years ago when we sat down and she told me a little sheepishly about her web building services. Since then she has transformed into a powerhouse businesswomen managing large accounts and partnering with others in Bravado Creative. She is an inspiration to me and all who know her about what is possible when you have vision, determination and perseverance. And she still makes amazing websites, among many other talents.

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