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Angie Lamoree

Tell us how you improve the lives of others through your work...

While some people buy fabric just because they think it's fun, some people make it a way of life.  Crafting can be a lifeline for some, therapy for others.  The touching and manipulating of fabric has been part of the human existence since before recorded history.  People have always found the need to decorate their surroundings.  While quilts and other coverings serve a survival purpose, making them beautiful is a spiritual need.  My hope for our shop is to not only help nurture the crafting spirit but to also create community for like minded people.  We make a great effort to make our shop a place that people think of as their own.  Like the local watering hole where regulars meet their friends and make new ones.

What FEM really inspired you to be where you are?

I have always been a history buff, the more I learn about what women not only survived but managed to make their world beautiful under fierce circumstances.  While I don't have names for these women, their spirit and lives on in their art and what they have passed down to us.

Community Praise + Shout Outs...

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