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Arnetta Yardbourgh, MLA, CPCC

Tell us how you improve the lives of others through your work...

Wow!  I love this inquiry.  I improve the lives of others that I work with by advocating their personal and professional "positive" change.  I improve the lives of my clients by being present.  I find that there's a void in being heard, understood, acknowledged, constructively challenged and appreciated in many of those that find their way to me and the services I offer as a Coach, Consultant, and Wellness professional.  Inspiring an alternative perspective, energy, and direction are great ways that my work improves the lives of those I am blessed to work with.

What FEM really inspired you to be where you are?

Hmmmm... What FEM really inspired me to be where I am?  I can't choose just one FEM to answer this question.  Professionally I am inspired by the energy of our CEO & Founder, Violette De Ayala.  I had the chance to meet her earlier in the year, in NYC, for a Business For Your Soul weekend.  Witnessing how Violette balances communities, her personal life, and professional pursuits gives me permission to excuse the EXCUSES we often make to succeed.  I also am inspired by my Aunt, Del Richardson, a new FEM.  Del is a go-getter and moves in many circles professionally. She balances her political, professional, and philanthropic worlds, seamlessly, with ease.  And last but not least, my sister Global FEM Michele Scism has inspired me to charge my worth.  With the coaching community being an ever-changing world and it was exciting to meet a professional coach that was grinding the way I envisioned my grind.  Being in the room with all 3 FEMS was beyond great, as they filled the air with FemSational FIYA!!!

Community Praise + Shout Outs...