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Danielle Woolley

Tell us how you improve the lives of others through your work...

I am a people connector passionate about connecting and collaborating with people to be successful in life and business.   Through FemCity I collaborate with and mentor high-vibe positive women to assist them in growing themselves personally and professionally while immersed in positivity both locally in Monmouth County and globally with leaders across the US and expanding. Through my consulting business I love being able to take my experiences and expertise and help another woman in business make simple adjustments to simplify things and create incredible client and team experiences! #WEAREFEMCITY

What FEM really inspired you to be where you are?

My introduction to FemCity® was during a business trip in Kansas City, MO and thankfully I seeked out an opportunity to network while I was traveling so that I am here today. I have made so many valuable connections & relationships with FEMs from all over and want to highlight at least a few!! Lauren Golden - the way she led the first event I attended is what had me asking more info about it and I am grateful for her making the email introduction to Violette. Dana Garced, Brandi Grooms and Eva Leobold for helping to lead FemCity Monmouth County and being my mastermind ladies and growing along with us as we transitioned to the collectives. Lainie Wulkan, Rebecca Baines, Deyla Elliot, Annie Freed, Arnetta Yardbourgh, Meredith Allan are just a few fems who took time to meet and connect with me in person on my travels, and as a result I have developed relationships with that further enrich my life personally and professionally. There are countless fems online that I've been collaborating with - you are all contributing and making a difference to others whether you realize it or not so thank you!

Community Praise + Shout Outs...