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Leslie Fraser

Tell us how you improve the lives of others through your work...

Big Brothers Big Sisters: I am a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters and it is the most rewarding experience I could have asked for. I was lucky to get a little girl. She comes from a broken home and yet she has strong family ties. She is very close to her Mom but her mom wanted to expose her daughter to someone who is the complete opposite of her (the mom). She is out there and very organic. I'm a little straight-laced and too serious for my own good sometimes. Every time I hang out with my little I see her in a costume! I of course show up in solid and subdued colors. Lately, between kindergarten and me I guess she seems almost like a little woman. Her demeanor is adult-like and I'm the one who shows up in the wacky colorful sunglasses. Who's improving who here....?

What FEM really inspired you to be where you are?

Well, Jessica Woods. I just met her and she is the AWESOME mom and professional career woman I hope to be someday. I met her at a Women of Influence luncheon in Albuquerque.

Community Praise + Shout Outs...

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