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Lori Klein

Tell us how you improve the lives of others through your work...

I love helping other people follow their passions and realize their goals. Working with people who want to own their own business is tremendously gratifying. Also, helping people find wellness through fitness really inspires me. I know firsthand how much I need fitness to keep my energy, moods (and yes, waistline!) in check. When I don't workout, everything seems to hurt. It's really a gift to move. It's also really a gift to find professional independence. I am very grateful to have been able to help people find both of those things.

What FEM really inspired you to be where you are?

This is a tough one for me to answer, because I feel like I am inspired all the time by so many women. There isn't one specific role model who led me to be where I am, but a rich tapestry of women over many years, each of whom recognized abilities and traits in me that made me believe anything was possible for me. My mom. My gym teacher at Spence who thought I had a great stride and made me feel like I could be an athlete. My college professor who made me believe my creative writing was unique and that I had a "voice." My close friend who marvels at my creativity and fearlessness when launching new things. All of them. All of you FEMS who step outside of your comfort zone to learn, stretch and grow.

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