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Kat Sanford

Tell us how you improve the lives of others through your work...

I've always struggled with questions like this in the past because I have compared myself to other women who are doctors, judges, scientists or maybe even a nonprofit director.  What I have found is that when I teach an entrepreneur or corporate manager how to host a successful event THEY can have a POWERFUL positive impact on their communities.   For example, I am working with the director of a hospice right now and we are developing a series of events to educate, pamper and support caregivers of people with the diagnosis of Alzheimers.

What FEM really inspired you to be where you are?

I am lucky enough to have more than one FEM who has inspired me to where I am standing today.  Jena Rodriguez, Michelle Scism and Arnetta Yarborough.   It takes a TRIBE and I'm blessed to have a great one that includes fellow FEMs!

Community Praise + Shout Outs...

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