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New Year. New You.

Written by Karen Roth, President of Femfessionals Sarasota

Time to get lean, focused, strong, and healthy.

No more excuses.

This week, I sat down with fellow Sarasota Femfessional, Deb Holton-Smith and asked her to share her remarkable story to inspire and empower you into new action for the New Year.

If you’ve got 5, 10, 20 or yes, even 50+ pounds to shed, Deb is your girl.

Now, at the age of 60 (YES, she’s 60, can you believe it? I hope she’s ok with me sharing…but I’m just flabbergasted – I would have guessed about 20 years younger). Anyway – Deb’s main quest in life is to share her love of wellness, positivity and rejuvenation with clients all over the country as a personal health coach.

So, at this very relevant time of new beginnings and new resolutions, and BEFORE swimsuit season (for most of the country) I asked Deb to please share her secret. 

How did you get HERE from THERE? 

Well, let’s back up – who is Deb Holton-Smith and where are you from? 

I grew up in Vermont and married a Brooklyn boy. He’s city, I’m country. After marrying, we moved to Connecticut, and then after 16 years, moved to Warwick, NY – north of NYC and lived there for another 16 years. 

What is your professional background? 

I am a certified, Take Shape for Life Health Coach with clients all over the US. My prior experience was working as an Oncology Nurse. I pioneered the breast cancer support group called Women to Women in Warwick, CT. I also was the founder of ADDSuccess for ADHD patients in a private counseling practice. 

So, back to our original question – First of all, how did you gain 48 lbs? 

I gained the weight and struggled with depression as a result of the pressures of life – raising a family with 2 teenage sons and having to deal with the stress of moving our family from CT to NY. My Doctor, who is also a friend, told me, you’ve got to do something and introduced me to the Take Shape for Life program. I knew he was right, but I was skeptical at first because I had tried and failed every diet program. 

What made the difference for you?

The simplicity and ease of the program, it made sense to me. The program also includes a personal coach to help with the common challenges and plateaus. I noticed a difference within the first 4 days. I had incredible energy and felt a sense of wellbeing. I lost 8 lbs the first week. 

Wow, what do you believe contributed to your fast results? 

Proper nutrition, eating every 3 hours, and drinking water. I felt hope and energized which gave me motivation and the simplicity of the program was remarkable. My skin looked different, my attitude, even my step; the way I walked and carried myself was different. Everyone noticed within the first week. People began saying to me, Whatever you’re doing, I want it! So, I asked my Doctor/friend, can I become a coach? 

Why did you want to make the transition to coaching? 

I wanted to pass the gift forward of hope. So many women grow up with painful experiences with weight as a child. I have been given a gift that I want to pass on – For everyone that has been through the trials of feeling overweight/obese and feeling bad about themselves. I understand because I’ve been there. And, I love the education part. You don’t just lose weight, that’s the easy part. We focus on healthy weight, sleep, eating, healthy mind and emotion. The beautiful part about YOU getting healthy is that the whole family gets healthy. We teach you how to shop for longterm maintenance. 

 It’s super clear when you meet with Deb that she absolutely has a passion for serving others. Please don’t allow another day go by of feeling alone, discouraged, or depressed. Reach out! She’s been there and would LOVE to speak with you about your journey to greater health, joy, and wellbeing!

Deb now lives in beautiful Sarasota but she welcomes new clients all over the US – whether your needs are vegetarian, kosher, diabetic, kids, men, and women. To connect with Deb, you can email: getslim@holton-smith.com, call her at 941.315.5569, or visit her website, www.debholtonsmith.tsfl.com. 

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