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No Dress Rehearsal

Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal – You Get One Opportunity – Live It! | Written by Debra Darby

For over 30 years, I trained professionals on what they should be doing in regards to victims of domestic violence. I advocated for so many women over the years, to help them get free, and to rebuild their lives. However, in my position there, I was unable to give them one thing that I believe was the key to their total independence. Because I worked for a state agency, I wasn’t able to share with them my passion of building their own business in the Health and Wellness industry.  I wanted  them to see  that they could be the decision maker in how their financial life would be. In my conversations with women over the years, money was always the reason they were unable to feel they could make it on their own. I made a commitment to myself that when I retired from that position, I would help women find their passion, create their dreams, and support them through the learning process if joining my team was what they wanted to do. That is what I love about Femfessionals. This organization really supports women to follow their passions. I knew from the very first luncheon that I attended as a guest that this was the right group for me.

I am very grateful that I get to live the life I have and the freedom my business entails. I have been able to travel and spend time with my husband on the things that we truly enjoy doing. I am fortunate that I can do my business from anywhere, at any time. My next adventure is to travel cross country by motorcycle with my husband and two other couples. We will be leaving on May 27th; our first stop will be Washington, D.C. to participate in Rolling Thunder. If you aren’t familiar, go check out the background on why we participate in this annually http://rollingthunderrun.com/ then on to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. From there, we will head further west to visit more National Parks, then up into Canada and back down the coast of California. You will just have to follow my Facebook Page to see where else we go. 

I have decided to share my adventure via video blog on my Facebook Page “Life of Darby” so that anyone wanting to follow this trip will be able to like my page at https://www.facebook.com/lifeofdarby/

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