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Obscurity & The Imposter Syndrome at Work

How do you feel when someone who has a significant role in your life doesn’t know you? It’s a fact of life we go to work to create and generate income for the things we use money for. Well what happens when you go to a job, be it your choice job, best job ever, or just to get by and no one knows you? Does this have an effect how you feel towards that job. Does this have an effect your view point on life? Job misery sucks and being in Obscurity sucks. I remember when I would feel sick, guilty, insecure and ashamed when I had an appointment, interview, seminar, it was even worst if it were last minute. Because no one really took a meaningful interest in me and what I enjoyed or disliked at work or outside of work. And you can imagine how this affected my work performance. Living in obscurity is not healthy for anyone and it’s definitely not good for the work environment. Imagine the level of stress and anxiety we create when our employer says or you anticipate them saying, “You can’t go on your choice day because their is no one to cover your shift, or you have to find someone to cover your shift, or you won’t get paid for time gone, or they are taking the time you haven’t even incurred or hardly started earning” to get something done. Why does it feel like punishment and darn near creates a mental break down inside of us to get things done outside of work that will benefit the work itself.

Obscurity is so unhealthy it creates rumors and bitch sessions which replace healthy forms of emotional release for employees and leaders. Then we hear there is yet another meeting to discuss needed changes and no one wants to offer up the things they’ve been bitching about with others. No one offers up any solutions because they no nothing will be done past the micro management they are so used to. Obscurity at the location you spend most of your waking hours is harsh on on mental/emotional health and bodies. Not being able to speak out loud without fear on employee satisfaction is harsh. Not being able to speak on your dreams and hopes or even what you feel lies ahead for you is harsh. I remember at time when every job I had, each of which I received and endured rigorous trainings for all fostered nothing but obscurity. These feelings were so real that it created a what I refer to as a mental divide in my mind and it brought on immense anxiety of which directly affected my performance at work. However my anxiety decreased each time I opened up about my feelings and dreams. I also remember, Greg’s Story another article I wrote on waiting to be acknowledged to receive job benefits to get mental health care at a job that main purpose is mental health care. These experiences only made me more determined to find a different way to find a more fulfilling care that solves these issues. I can recall a time when my director didn’t seem to care how much my art meant to me and what my goals were in creating my own company.

Taking an interest in someone as a person not just their work plays a vital part in being an effective leader or employee. Counselors and teachers for example do this for their students and clients or at least they should. No one is just their problems.

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