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One tip for getting and staying on task

How to get focused and get things done.

I am a mach 10 with my hair on fire, 4 projects at a time sorta girl.  I know it isn’t really the best way to do things but when I slow down I start “dropping balls”.  Having said that I am also a world class procrastinator, I can put things off until they are more than urgent and equally excessively important when I slow down.  So what do you do?

As an entrepreneur it is easy to get lost in the endless, mindless, or not really as important as we think To Do’s.  The small stuff can really bite you in the proverbial backside. I have found that for me this is usually a “need” to see myself as getting things, as I say “To Done”.  It feels great to see all the things marked off the list.  It seems like as if I am conquering the job.  The key here is really to allow yourself some wins AND make sure they are real.

I use the quadrant to organize my To Do list.  It goes like this:

  1. Take a piece of paper out and draw a line both vertically and one horizontally down the middles of the page.
  2. Label each quadrant starting with the top left, then top right, bottom left and finally bottom right as follows:  URGENT/IMPORTANT, NOT URGENT/IMPORTANT, URGENT/NOT IMPORTANT, NOT URGENT/NOT IMPORTANT.
  3. Take your To do list and place each task in its appropriate location
  4. Using scissors, cut the list in half horizontally.
  5. Attend to the Urgent/Important first thing in the morning.  Then begin on the Not Urgent/Important.
  6. Rewrite the quadrants as things are completed or change level of importance.

I promise, the things on the NOT IMPORTANT lists will either a. go away completely as they are not important or b. they will mysteriously continue to show up as their level of importance changes.  They will not be lost unless and only if they are simply a waste for you and are NOT IMPORTANT.

One other wee hack for me is to pay attention to anything that I use to avoid the important work things that I am less enamored with and put it on my “TO DON’T” list.  I have borrowed the following acronym from fellow FemCity member,  Emi Kirschners kids: “ EDBOS or Easily Distracted By OOOOOH! Shiny!!”  If it is EDBOS put it on the TO DON’Ts!

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