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Something special happens when smart, purposeful and creative women come together. Even though each one is wonderfully unique and each is going through different triumphs or disappointments in their lives, coming together produces a synergistic energy that is undeniable and unstoppable. During my time with FemCity, it is this synergy, and from it, sense of community, that has resonated most with me.

FemCity allows women to develop meaningful connections on a personal and professional level while also offering them opportunities for personal growth.

Having lived in Orlando all my life, I have seen our amazing city grow and develop into a diverse, collaborative and inspiring place to live. As we continue to expand and thrive as a city, I know it will be Orlando’s talented women who lead the change and community development that will continue to enrich our city and its residents.

There is a Sufi saying that states, ‘Never give from the depths of your well, give only from its overflow.’ FemCity embodies the sentiment of this statement. Women give to their families, friends, work and communities but often forget to give back to themselves. There is nothing more important than taking the time to invest in ourselves. I see FemCity as a group where women can come to refill their well, to recharge their mind, body and spirit and in doing so be shown the resources to give back to their community and city more fully and happily. 

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Orlando Posts

  • Strengthen Your Network!

    Why is your network of contacts and relationships so important? Without it - you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage....

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  • Mentors – What are they and how to get one

    One of the questions I get the most often "How do I get a mentor?"...

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  • Book Published | Following Fear

    Congrats to Orlando Fem, Laurel Moll, for her recently published book: Following Fear: How I Faced 30 Fears and Learned to Trust the Unknown Following Fear is a memoir about how the curious events of the summer of 2013 inspired Laurel to stop following her bliss and start following her fear. This......

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  • Crossroads Corral | Celebrity Grant

    Orlando Fem Lindsay Brim‘s non-profit, Crossroads Corral, secured a $10,000 grant from celebrity Chef, Robert Irvine of the Robert Irvine Foundation, to further its mission of serving veterans, their families and caregivers!  This grant will allow them to continue to serve veterans, their families and caregivers free of charge with Equine Therapy!......

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  • Follow the 100-Percent Rule

    How and Why to Follow the 100-Percent Rule | Written By: Laurel Moll The 100-percent rule says that if you want to achieve personal success in any endeavor, you must be 100 percent committed to it. Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles, famously wrote, “Successful people adhere to the......

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  • Orlando Business Holiday Feature

    Check out FemCity Orlando Business Member and owner and creative director of South Street & Co., Kaitlyn Cook, was featured in the Orlando Business Journal’s Holiday Section. Click here for the full article where she shares her plans, memories and dreams for the holiday season....

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  • Welcome & Request Feedback

    Could Asking Regularly For Feedback Could Help Women To Close The Gender Gap In Leadership Roles? There are several reasons to think it can impact positively women's career....

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  • Feedback Creates Opportunities

    Welcome And Request Feedback To Create More Opportunities | Written By: Belinda MJ.Brown Would you be surprised if I was telling you that people who receive the most feedback are the ones who will grow the fastest in their careers? Feedback lets them acknowledge their strengths, but also identify potential blind spots......

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  • What happens when you show up

    What happens when you show up | Written By: Carol Cox I got 3 speaking engagements in the past week, with just a couple of short emails. No need for lengthy speaking proposals. No need to “prove” myself with a long bio listing all of my past speaking experience and......

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  • Featured: Chonteau McElvin

    Chonteau McElvin, FemCity Orlando Member and Founder and CEO of Sangoma LLC, was interviewed and featured by Women Rise Magazine. Congrats!...

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  • Women on the Move Expo

    Women on the Move Empowerment Expo 2016 presented FemCity Orlando Member Yesenia Sanchez as the featured speaker. To view her live chat, click here. Amazing!...

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  • 5 Things I Wish I Knew AS A TEENAGER

    Written by Danielle Woolley #CollectExperiencesNotThings Collecting experience and skills can be more valuable than monetary compensation, especially at a young age. I turned down opportunities in my teens that I was excited for because the pay wasn’t great. I also used to spend all of my money on CDs, overpriced......

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    WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT REBRANDING // Shared by Founder of FemCity Violette de Ayala Most brands evolve during the development. Sometimes brands continue to evolve through the course of their growth and to remain fresh. We recently rebranded to open up our community to those that didn’t feel like they......

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  • Taking a moment to act, not react

    LISTENING IN: Taking a moment to act, not react | Interview By: Susan Rocco According to Gordana Biernat, of “MyPowerTalk,” all that really matters is what you’re doing right now. She has spent her entire life exploring the physical reality, studying quantum physics and thinking about the relevance and impact......

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    We are thrilled that you are excited in launching a FemCity Collective in your community. Please complete the questionnaire and send to community@femcity.com. In addition, please place in the subject line, “I want to launch a FemCity Collective”. APPLY HERE -> FEMCITY-LOCAL-COLLECTIVE-LEADER-QUESTIONNAIRE Below you will also find more FAQ’s on......

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  • Our Spring Collective Edition is here!

    Our new Spring 2018 Newspaper is out and you can catch it right here. Download the digital edition of our Spring 2018 Collective Newspaper. Printed copies are shared through our local communities through the months of April + May. VIEW HERE...

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    Connect with us on Facebook for our Live Series CLICK HERE TO WATCH OUR SERIES  ...

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  • Violette de Ayala / 19 October 2016 2:20

    I love all these pics!!!

  • Marge Dorsa / 24 October 2016 11:19

    An amazing group of FEMS! Love seeing everyone having so much fun.

  • Erica Finlay / 28 October 2016 4:17

    This was an amazing evening! It was the end of our series, Fair Wagers, that our Fems put so much love and light into. We were so honored to come together as a community and have this important conversations.

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