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Permission Granted

I’ve had several conversations with friends over the last few weeks, and this thought kept coming up. So much so, I felt the need to share.  If you’re a busy entrepreneurial person like me you’re always in a hurry to do the next thing. It might be picking up kids from school or from a sporting event, running to get your groceries, planning a dinner with your significant other or friends, going to church, or simply trying to squeeze in your morning exercise. Whatever it is, you’re always in a rush. You’re aware of this feeling, as there is always a little extra adrenaline running through your vein. Yet, for some reason you just can’t seem to shake the feeling of  “something else to do”.


What’s worse is that we’re often riddled with guilt if we can’t find the time to do things we’ve commit to. It’s that feeling you get when you realize you’ve double booked yourself again for the umpteenth time! Now you’ve got to figure out how you’re going to be in 2 places at once, or how you’re going to pack your lunch, get your workout in and make it to your meeting on time.  At the end of the day the guilt weighs you down because you grabbed something not entirely healthy to eat in the middle of your frenzied day. You promise yourself that tomorrow will be better, but somehow tomorrow never comes.


Well, today I say give yourself permission! Give yourself permission to stop right now and breathe. Permission to let your hair down (if you have any) to take a few moments to really inhale and exhale, deeply, enjoying the feeling that it leaves in your soul. Go ahead, try it right now. Breathe. Give yourself permission to take a few extra moments with your spouse, partner, parents, kids, pets or whomever you feel deserves your time. To hug a little longer and to let that kiss to linger. To pursue your heart’s desire. To fall in love or to let it go. To affirmatively say YES or NO. Give yourself permission to not always be perfect, but to accept your flaws as unique parts of your character. Accept who you are, where you’ve come from and where your current path is taking you. Give yourself permission to forgive. To recognize your failures as bumps in the road in your journey to a better version of you. Give yourself permission to embrace your awesomeness! Permission to succeed & rejoice in your triumphs knowing that the daily grind is real, it’s tough and rewarding all in the same moment. We only get one chance in this walk of life, so give yourself permission to relax & enjoy every opportunity that is possible. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone of us, so give yourself permission to fully LIVE.

And for those of you who really don’t how to start. Simply look in the mirror, square your shoulders and say: Today I give myself permission to appreciate all that I can inhale in this moment of stillness.

Marsha Terry

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