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Potatoes for your skin??

Yes!!! Organic potatoes are amazing for your skin and so much more!!

I first heard about what potatoes can do for your body in school while I was studying natural healing at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. The schools amazing director Robert Stevens lead us through a very rare Saturday class on ways to heal our babies fevers (the wet sock treatment), your body’s ailments by drinking your pee….ya seriously! I would never but I hear it works wonders, and by putting a freshly cut and/or grated organic potato on just about anywhere you have an injury on your body. You could have anything from open wombs and cold soars to arthritis. Burns, soars, cuts, headaches…he’d say…put a potato on it. It became a running joke but then a friend of mine and I started wondering about our faces. And the results were AMAZING after just one use!!

Both our acne decreased tremendously. My cystic acne bumps that I could never get to go down deflated after just one use, and another students cyst cleared by 50% after using the potato recipe I will explain below. She was told she would have to have it cut to heal but all it took was a mixture of a potato and 2 other ingredients. Simply amazing!

So, if that doesn’t make you more interested here are a few mixtures and ways to treat your skin by the powerful and almighty potato. 🙂

Raw potatoes are rich in minerals like Potassium, Sulfur and Phosphorous, and essentially these minerals are excellent for skin care. There is also the presence of vitamins and antioxidant compounds in raw potato juice, which helps improve the skin tone and has antibacterial properties. I prefer to grate my organic potatoes then mix in a tablespoon of raw organic honey and a dash of lemon juice. This is what healed the cyst above. These 3 ingredients will…..

*Help control and prevent acne, pimples and blackheads.
*Help soothe the inflammation on skin wounds, burns and cuts.
*The antibacterial property of the potato alone helps cure skin warts.
*Help clear the facial skin by cleansing the excess oil.

But that’s not all!!

Sunburns: Potatoes do wonders for pacifying the sun-burnt skin too. Just place cold potato slices on the affected areas or simply dab potato juice on the spot.

Cure Wrinkles: Potato juice is an excellent at home remedy to remove wrinkles. Add potato juice on your face to your daily skincare routine to prevent wrinkles from forming. Regular application of potato juice gives a healthy glow and softness to the skin. This is one of the most important benefits of applying potatoes on the face.

Removes Scars: Grate your potato and extract its juice. Then blend it with multani mitti, or better known as

Fuller’s earth, a mineral-rich clay material and lemon juice. Apply this mix on your scar or affected area of the face for 20 minutes. This is sure to help as good if not better then the medicated products that aren’t as safe.

Anti Aging Mask: Grate a potato and mix it with half a teaspoon of yogurt. Apply this potent beauty enhancing mix on the face. Leave this preparation on your face for 20 minutes before washing it off. This preparation is an excellent anti-aging mask, which hydrates your skin from deep within. This mask replenishes moisture into the driest parts of your skin to iron out the fine lines effectively.

Crows feet: As stated above, it’s perfect for those pesky wrinkles. You can mix your grated potato with either olive oil or avocado oil instead of honey if you wish.

So, there you go! I’d love to see before and after pictures of you all using these mixes on your effected areas as well! Email me at kelly@haleyjenaeskincare.com or follow me on social media!

I’ll post all about you and your story!

Kelly 🙂

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