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Poverty Mindset versus. Wealth Mindset // Which one are you?

Suffering from poverty mindset is one of the most toxic behaviors and attitudes women can own. It impacts every area of their life and it’s incredibly limiting in business growth. While working with women through our classes, retreats and while speaking at our community events around the US, it’s a theme that is uncomfortably too common for me to witness. My intention in sharing this information is to help those that are tinkering between the two worlds of victim and ownership of their life. There is a shift that happens that awakens the spirit to understand that mindset dictates your perception and the future steps in your path. Mindset is determined innately by past experiences, titles given and fears.  Mindset is what breaks us through to the possibilities and the realities that life has to offer.  Dollars are not the only gains through a wealth state of mind. How you do anything is how you do everything and the same goes for your state of mind.

When you suffer from a poverty mindset there is a disconnect between in exchange of value for reward. It starts at the cell of devaluing purpose, impact and over all value through actions and contributions. Many that suffer from a poverty mindset believe everyone also suffers from the same limiting condition. This can be apparent when they expect others to give them free services, free products or free advice. Here are a few other signs of someone conducting life through a lack perspective and a diminished point of view.


FREE WORK:  They expect free work since they are giving free work. They work for free never thinking that the universe will reward them. There is no visualization as to how the payment will come back to them in exchange for the value they are giving. They work for free and hope one day someone notices and gives them a bit of reward. It is generally without plan or big vision and just for the here and now. They generally look for the free business events, the free tips, free classes, free anything really.  “Lets get together for coffee so I can pick your brain”. They believe that this is the only thing worthy of their current state. They don’t invest in themselves, their business or in others. 

This is not to be confused with nonprofit work. Nonprofit work rewards itself through emotional increases of happiness, value and connectivity to a greater purpose. There should be value received for value given in a capacity that is even and balanced. If you are giving work away for free, what is the payment you expect? Will they attend your upcoming event, support you in a future endeavor or have they assisted you in the past? There must be a benefit for all parties involved. 

GUILT: They feel guilty about making money. This is a big one!  They offer discounts before being asked, they offer free work within seconds of conversing about business. When they receive money, they feel awful, embarrassed and feel wrong in some way. They feel that maybe people will regret giving them payment, or they are just a fraud in the big world of business. All sorts of defining negative titles go along with the guilt.

Remind yourself that life is a balance and you will receive what you give out. However, you must ask. This is part of the karma component of business and life. Don’t feel guilty for receiving a reward for your good work. The ask, the vision, the balance is what is going to break to the other side of a poverty mindset. 

DEVALUE: They will often say degrading comments about themselves that may be spun in humor. They may bow down from taking credit for good work. They may even give the credit to someone else. All behaviors around this scenario are constantly keeping them in the poverty state as their words and actions prevent them from flourishing.

You are your biggest superhero, cheerleader and advocate. Believe and say only words that increase your spirit and your value. If you are being harsh with not valuing yourself, the world will respond to it accordingly. It’s great to share praise to others but don’t forget to share praise to yourself. Value yourself, and the world will act in line with your vision.  

In contrast, those that are gaining in life with a wealth mindset have either grown up with this state of mind or acquired it through self-reflection and deep internal work. Many can go from wealth mindset to poverty mindset due to dramatic turns in life, intense loss or life-changing occurrences. You can always shift your mindset again to the positive. You are the boss of you, your future and your path. The most amazing business success stories contain both mindsets and the grand shift to the wealth mindset which led them to their greater purpose. 


PAYMENT:  With a wealth mindset, paying to join clubs, chambers, attend workshops are a must. They spend their time looking for ways to invest in themselves, their business and their growth. They are continuously looking for ways to grow at whatever cost. They don’t expect others to work for free and find little value while attending free anything. They surround themselves with the best of the best and don’t hesitate to pay a bit more for quality.

They may give something away but it is always in the balance of the reward [partnership, promotion, or establishing rapport in business]. They attract luck and expect the world to respond positively. They pay out as they know it will return in abundance. 

RECEIVING: They love to make money for giving great value to the world. They seek opportunities to assist and aren’t embarrassed to share their fees. They understand the balance between give and take, and feel the need to always be in line with both. 

For business and life to be in balance and in strong partnership, receiving and giving cannot be out of alignment. They need to remain in a gentle balance so it’s a win-win scenario through every action and to every person. They are great receivers as they “get” it’s the gift for their input to make others grow and prosper. 

VALUE: They know their value in the world and are unapologetic. They are confident with their contributions and understand its great impact on others. They will rarely say something unkind about themselves and most likely not say an unkind word of others.

They are busy leaving their mark, blazing the trails and want others to do the same. They value themselves and feel everyone has greatness in their soul. 

Everyone can shift their mindset and add value to the world. 

Everyone is destined to make a difference, live life in balance and prosper in all ways. 



Violette is the Founder of FemCity // an online global network featuring business and lifestyle trends with over 70 local communities designed exclusively for women. Violette is also a business coach,  motivational speaker, small business consultant, writer and mother of three. As a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, Violette is passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs through business growth, big vision strategies and positivity along the way. She’s been seen in CNBC, Success, Entrepreneur, People and InStyle Publications.   Follow Violette de Ayala // @violettedeayala

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