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Powerful FemCity Leader, Lola T. Small on the value of fitness for entrepreneurs.

Recently, I had the pleasure to interview Lola T. Small of Lola Life Fitness. Lola is an inspirational and physical powerhouse for Women. She is a dedicated wife and Mother as well as business owner with a thriving FemCity  Collective in Hamilton, ON Canada  
LP: Your work empowers not only local FEMS to make connections but also to start getting intentional with their fitness.
Why is important for FEMS to embrace fitness?
Lola: To me, our fitness is the physical representation of our energy and wellness. If you are a FEM with all the overwhelming demands of business and life, you’ll want to embrace fitness as a way to create inner balance, build mental strength, develop physical stamina, and experience daily happy endorphins! It’s a lifelong practice of self-care that’ll translate over to all aspects of your personal life and your business life. 

LP: FEMS may say, I don’t have time. You have a little baby and have time …what would you say to those FEMS?
Lola: If you look at the overall picture of your dream life, the vision of the life you are working hard to create, ask yourself how important it is to have a solid foundation of fitness to get you there. When you can think of fitness as more than counting calories and losing weight, you start to value it for the amazing benefits it brings to the quality of your life, and you will CREATE time for it. 
There is deep wisdom and power in our bodies: connect to it with intention and purpose and you will awaken a tremendous sense of self confidence, self belief, and self empowerment. We can all use some of that in our weekly schedules! 

LP: Is fitness and success connected? How so? Share a story if you have one?
Lola: Yes! Being fit physically leads to being fit mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. It is the embodiment of self success where you feel on a daily basis that you are POWERFUL and badass! With that sense of self power and confidence, you can create and do anything you set out to do! Success starts from the inside out.

Here is my secret sauce:

When I lift and run, I use that time to visualize myself accomplishing my dreams and goals, and repeat powerful affirmations that reinforce who I want to be and what I want to achieve…it’s like extra strength self pep talk!

LP: Did you always know you wanted to do fitness?  How did you know this was your calling?

Lola: My biggest passion has always been to inspire others to create and live the life of their dreams. But I have always loved working out so I wanted to check off fitness teaching off my dream list when I was in my 20’s. I started by teaching Spinning, yoga, kids yoga, and circuit training, and I loved every minute of it! I then moved on to pursue my dreams in life coaching and helping other women with their life dreams. It wasn’t until after I had my first baby at age 38 that I realized just how much I valued the power of my body and decided I wanted fitness to be number one in my life for the rest of my life! Now I’m certified in fitness training in addition to my dream coaching and health & wellness coaching, and I love being able to empower and support women, body, mind, and life!

LP: Who inspires you?

Lola: One of my biggest inspirations is Ashley Horner, an elite fitness athlete, multi-business woman, and ultra philanthropist. She is the epitome of how to use fitness to fuel personal greatness and giving back to the world. I aspire to learning from her example and travel the world to empower girls and women to sharing their powerful strengths for the betterment of our world. 
Follow Lola on Facebook and check out her website www.lolalifefitness.com
Lynn Pelzer
FemCity Collective Director
FemCity Toronto President

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