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Hello Gorgeous!

A new year has begun and with it the promises of a great tomorrow. My heart explodes as I share this announcement with each of you. I have long believed that things happen for a reason, and though those reasons might not always be evident we eventually come to realize it is often for the better. After speaking with FemCity CEO, Violette de Ayala we came to the inevitable conclusion that I would return and accept the role of president for FemCity Raleigh!

When I stepped away two years ago I felt that I was ready to go forward but my heart always remained with our wonderful group. I hope you realize how important you all are, not only to me, but to the greater community as well as to FemCity.

You have my personal commitment to each of you and, I hope, in turn you will give me yours to help grow our organization, expand our individual and group horizons, and to turn FemCity Raleigh into the best in the country. My desire is to see each of you grow in both your business and as women. It’s being part of an organization that brings true face value to your life, through the work you do to better the community, the friendships forged, the business contacts you connect with and nurture, and your passion for life.

A follow up email will be sent once the Board and I meet to centralize our goals for the coming year. In the meantime know that I am excited beyond words to once again be part of this wonderful group of professional women! Happy 2017 Fems and here’s to a loving, healthy, and prosperous new year!

Have questions or suggestions? EMAIL: raleigh@femcity.com

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  • Hurricane Relief + Online Summit

    Join FemCity Founder Violette de Ayala, and President of FemCity Cheyenne Palma Dominguez for a day of giving back and moving forward in business. 8 classes throughout the day, online and interactive with 8 of FemCitys’ Global Teachers and Contributors. 100% of proceeds goes to victims of Hurricane Irma in......

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    Join FemCity as a Global Member for $500 [$250 off regular]. Post your events, articles, podcasts, videos and worksheets throughout the FemCity Global Platforms. Be a featured teacher, speaker and featured contributor as a benefit of the Global Program.  For added value, $1,000 includes the Global 1 year Membership into......

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  • Q + A with Founder of FemCity®

    Business Members are invited to our October Founder Q + A series with Violette de Ayala, Founder of FemCity READ MORE...

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