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Recipe for Inner Peace

Written by Karen Roth

An Adrenaline Junky’s Recipe for Inner Peace [7 Easy Steps] 

The final stretch… Since returning home from New Zealand 3 weeks ago – I’ve been super busy getting all of the details in place to launch a fashion line and open my first boutique in just a couple of weeks.

Which reminds me, I forgot to post last week – oops. First time that’s ever happened. Sorry about that!

I had no idea how many things are involved in opening a retail space. I’m thinking ignorance is bliss in this case. Otherwise, I very likely would have been overwhelmed before even starting. From labels, to overseeing production, to shopping bags, licenses, permits, business cards, mannequins, hangers….AND rennovating/decorating the physical space.

You get the picture.

Not to mention the stress and drain on my finances.

Starting a business is NOT for the faint hearted. 

Once again, I feel like I’m free-falling – I’ve plunged into the unknown from the proverbial cliff and there’s no going back.

As a serial entrepreneur, I have to admit that our ‘breed’ is by nature somewhat of an Adrenaline Junkie. 

Several times in just the past week, I’ve had to push the “pause” button and come back to my bliss. I’ve also had to reach out to my support system and ask for extra prayer.

There is absolutely no way I could do this on my own.

I am so grateful to each person that has taken a moment to encourage me, to pray for me, and to check-in, thank you…

So, in light of my experience of nearly launching business #5 – I have a few take aways for would-be small biz start-ups~

  • Create task lists and cross off when you have accomplished even a teeny, tiny, small thing. It really helps to feel like you are moving forward.
  • Stay focused on the task at hand. All of us can handle one thing at a time. Start and complete one task and then move to the next.
  • When you feel completely overwhelmed (and you will) – stopeverything. Go to your quiet place – for me, it’s my dock and spending time in my kayak. Don’t take your cell phone, your to-do list, or anything with you – except maybe your furry friend or your journal. Simply sit, breathe, and meditate on how far you’ve come. Take time to be grateful for all that you have accomplished. I can not over emphasize how important this is. I’ve had to do this several times in just the past week.
  • Stay connected with grounded, safe people. I’ve found that taking a few minutes to have a conversation completely unrelated to my business is critical. I will often walk over to my beautiful, 87-year-young neighbor’s home, sit on her porch and visit. The simple pleasure of her company soothes my soul.
  • Be kind to others. Help someone in need – YES, in the midst of your busyness.
  • Stay fit and healthy. Eat nutrient-dense food, go to sleep at a reasonable hour, keep exercising, and take your vitamins. Bolster your immune system.
  • Smile and enjoy the adventure. You are building your destiny. You are inspiring others in your steps of courage, dedication and resolve.

Press on.

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