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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Written By:Rita Dargham DMD

With a new year comes life’s vast opportunities!  I am so excited to begin this new period as I embark on my own journey toward that which enhances my health and well being.  I truly hope you share the same sentiment and commitment in making sure this new start showcases the best you have to offer.

Have you thought about how your SMILE can play a role in doing this?  I know my SMILE plays a significant part in how I see myself and in how others perceive me.  I have previously shared thoughts and studies describing the relationship of one’s SMILE to their self image and confidence.  They go hand in hand. Your self confidence is greater when your physical and mental well being are ones you are comfortable with.  Your smile reflects much of how you see yourself and those around you. Furthermore, your inner workings shine through your SMILE as well.  Joy, peace, and self worth are easily portrayed through your SMILE.  Sadness, insecurity, and shame also come forth through this important accessory we carry around.

Your physical health can also be easily detected through the appearance of your teeth and SMILE.  The opposite is also true.  Your oral health is a window into your systemic well being.  Having said this, the idea of nurturing your SMILE is one that should not be taken lightly.

This new year is one of hope and excitement.  Lets commit to our social, mental, and physical well being so as to better the world around us.  When we are healthy and happy those around us may feel inspired to achieve the same.  I encourage you to take this on. Lets begin with a SMILE.

YOU may be the reason for someone’s SMILE.

Let this be one of your new year’s resolutions.  Commit to visiting your dental professional.  Confide in his or her experience and skill while discussing your hopes and vision for a SMILE you would be proud to call your own.  Believe me, when you are proud of yours it shows.  In so doing, others around you will feel happy, motivated, and more apt to engage with you.

We all enjoy sporting new shoes, suits, purses, and dresses.  Think about how your SMILE can be the most important and beautiful accessory you own…one you should never leave home without.

Remember, your SMILE should be “One You’d Be Proud To Wear…ANYWHERE!”

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