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About FemCity // ROCHESTER

Welcome to FemCity® Rochester!

Our community continues to grow in leaps and bounds creating an incredible network of women in Rochester, determined to not only be the best they can be, but lend a hand to help you be the best that YOU can be.

As President, I have and continue to focus on the importance of creating an environment for these amazing women to step up and feel comfortable showcasing themselves at what they do best. I have often been told Networking is hard, cliquey or one sided. My goal, and that of our board and current membership, is to break down that barrier of discomfort by making it impossible for you to not feel a part of our organization from day one.

We strive to create a community for successful career minded women in Rochester, that outside of scheduled monthly events and seminars, reaches out to one another with constant support and words of encouragement that help you remain balanced, not only professionally but through your personal life as well. I strongly believe a healthy work life balance is key to success.

As I continue through my tenure as President of FemCity Rochester, I remind myself of that first feeling of hesitation walking into a room full of strangers and vow that no woman in Rochester in our community should have to work that hard to just belong.

My friends, both current and future FemCity Rochester membership, let us continue to Connect, Support and Grow Rochester women this year and many more.

Have questions? Want to connect? Send me a note! 

Please share with friends too! The more women in our community, the more women grow business together. 

Have questions or suggestions? EMAIL: rochester@femcity.com

Follow along on Facebook: Facebook.com/FemCityRochester

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    We are thrilled that you are excited in launching a FemCity Collective in your community. Please complete the questionnaire and send to community@femcity.com. In addition, please place in the subject line, “I want to launch a FemCity Collective”. APPLY HERE -> FEMCITY-LOCAL-COLLECTIVE-LEADER-QUESTIONNAIRE Below you will also find more FAQ’s on......

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  • Our Spring Collective Edition is here!

    Our new Spring 2018 Newspaper is out and you can catch it right here. Download the digital edition of our Spring 2018 Collective Newspaper. Printed copies are shared through our local communities through the months of April + May. VIEW HERE...

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    Connect with us on Facebook for our Live Series CLICK HERE TO WATCH OUR SERIES  ...

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