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3 ways to make your career count

LISTENING IN: Patagonia’s CEO on 3 ways to make your career count | Interview By: Susan Rocco

As a private equity adviser, Rose Marcario had begun to feel that she was missing something in her life…she wanted to make a difference in the world. When the offer to came to join Patagonia as CFO, she did her homework on their practices. It was a natural fit that came at just the right time. Now as CEO and president of one of the largest and most profitable outdoor apparel companies in the world, Rose gets to make decisions for the company that continually contributes to the work of many organizations working to protect our environment.

Her top three pieces of advice…

“Find your tribe.” Often we find ourselves working in companies that simply do not align with our own values and over time that becomes stressful and a burden. Seeking out people that are invested in creating a work environment that is supportive of all its employees creates not only a more enjoyable workplace, but according to Rose, a more profitable one. One hundred percent of women at Patagonia return to work after maternity leave because the company implemented onsite childcare.

“Don’t get caught in the weeds.” It’s so easy sometimes to get caught up in our to do lists and meetings and daily tasks. “You have to pay attention to your gut instincts and the inner voice that guides you,” said Rose. It’s not an easy thing to do because of all the distractions, but it will always be the thing that will guide you on the right path.

“Don’t be afraid.” Rose said that 90 percent of men in her company ask for a raise, compared to 10 percent of women. They currently have an equal amount of men and women in management. This hesitation from women seems to be a common thread throughout most corporations. According to Rose, it’s especially important for young women to not be afraid to ask for what they want. “You will always get points for trying,” said Rose. The confidence factor is one that continually plays a part in women’s hesitation to speak up in meetings or ask for a specific project. Working on having the confidence to step out and be noticed is one of the most important things women can do in order to advance and find success.

To listen to the complete interview, go to www.women2watch.net and click on podcast.

Originally posted on Bizwomen.com. Philly Femfessional Susan Rocco is a weekly columnist for Bizwomen.com, The Business Journals. Sue Rocco is the founder, producer and host of Women to Watch, a live radio program and weekly podcast with a mission to inspire and encourage more women to pursue leadership roles worldwide.

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