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Social Platforms = Window Shopping

Why Social Platforms are like Window Shopping  | Written By: Lisa Gunderson 

If you’ve ever taken a stroll down the Magnificent Mile, Oak Street, State Street or any other shopping destination in Chicago, you get window shopping—it’s a planned art that takes thinking, strategy and dedication and often the end result is a beautiful masterpiece that is a reflection of the brand inside. The same goes for social media. Often, when customers are shopping around, they will look at your page before making the decision to choose you. This means that you need to take the time to think about color, shapes, voice and quality. Treat your page like an artist treats her art and always remember that being picking about your content is never a bad thing. Find below the 4 categories to remember when creating your content:


Have you ever been on a stroll past a shop that caught your eye because the color was so on point? There is an actual science behind this as it creates a connection between the deliverer and the receiver. Before you start creating posts, ask yourself these questions. Is your brand bright, relaxed, black and white, earth focused, colorful, or just one color? Try your best to treat color like design. Each time you post something, take time to reflect on your previous posts to ensure your newest post “fits.” For example, some brands choose to use only one filter or try to keep a color in every photo or sometimes will make their entire feed in the colors of their brand. But really, the creative process is up to you. The goal is to be creative, have fun, catch eyes and reflect your brand!


When it comes to social media, shape matters. Take time to really think about this. Some shapes may reflect a modern look while others may show tradition. When working with shapes, ask yourself what shape was in your previous post? Paying attention to shapes will additionally create definition and balance in your feed. 


Ensure that your copy sounds like your brand. When window shopping, you will find that copy flows with the look of the creative in the window. A small phrase can speak volumes and if it doesn’t sound natural, it can lead people to not be interested.

Last but not least, choose Quality

A great window display never has its worst piece in front and neither should you, so don’t settle for less. High quality images are a necessity when posting content. If you are creating your own content and are trying to budget, it may be worth the time to take a photography class to improve your skills. If you can splurge, it may be worth the investment to hire a photographer to capture different moments of your brand to use throughout the content process. Another savvy option for content that works well for an onsite business, such as in the hospitality industry, is researching photos taken at your location. You may be surprised by what you find, but just remember to always give credit where credit is due when sharing content.

The old adage may be, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but let’s be real. When it comes to branding, this statement just doesn’t fit. Of course, all of this takes practice and time and you may find that you need to change up content choice as your brand grows. To help organize your content and preview what the week to week “look” of your feed will be, try using a content planner. Of course this will not be the end all, be all, as social media is always based on trends, but you can use a content planner as guide.

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