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Start A FemCity




Get 20-100% revenue by hosting business programs for women in your community and commission with online sales.



You set your own hours and decide how big of an impact you want to make and your desired income.



Extra income is just the start of why you’ll love it. Get support and training from a community of strong and amazing women.



Create local business programs, social events and innovative activities to assist local women grow business. All events are filled with gratitude, support and positivity.


The larger the community, the greater the impact on helping women grow their businesses. We have a mission of helping millions of women and every community unites women in support, resources and connectivity.


Expand your book of business, your influence and your personal brand. Along the way, you’ll make friends and create business for you and your leading circle.


While you assist in the business growth of other women and your leading circle, you’ll enjoy every step of the way. Make a difference and make an income. Insert a big smile too!



Earn an income while helping women in your community grow business.


Create business programs, form strategic partnerships and create the perfect business to work around your lifestyle.


Your own local community will assist you and your business, and the businesses of your leading circle.



Empowering women is my passion! Forming meaningful connections with likeminded, positive women brings me happiness!  Being a FemCity President has allowed me to align my passion to connect and empower women while tapping in to my skills as a leader.  We are changing lives by giving women a place to grow, connect and learn from each other! It’s been amazing to hear the responses of gratitude from women in my community for the opportunity to join an organization like FemCity.


As a new resident of Sarasota, launching a FemCity community has opened many opportunities for me to meet amazing women that I otherwise would not have met. The response from the community has been fantastic and I’m always super proud to hand out my gorgeous, red FEM biz card – women LOVE it.


I launched FemCity in my community and then stepped into the role of Regional Director. FemCity has been an amazing part of my life for many years and I have found it to be incredibly rewarding and up-lifting. The organization supports women in business and encourages them to strive confidently towards their goals and vision. I never envisioned I could be in a role where I give back to women locally and globally and get compensated along the way. I created the life I have always wanted and I thank Femfessionals for being a part.


As a leader of FemCity, I’ve grown personally and professionally as a result of getting to know so many ambitious and supportive women. Whether we are getting together for an intimate dinner, a ladies’ luncheon, or an educational workshop, we always look to support each other and learn from each other. The opportunity to mix business and pleasure is an added bonus!


Rewards // THE revenue IS JUST ICING ON THE CAKE
Build connections, celebrate your success and the success of others, grow a community of supportive women and lead a movement of gratitude.
Lean on a supportive network of Women Entrepreneurs

Earn revenue by making a difference.



What experience is needed to launch?

Passion, drive and the natural desire to be a strong leader in your community and help women grow big business.

Who can launch a FemCity?

Women that are passionate about helping women grow business, obsessed with making an impact on their community and growing their business all in positivity. Our Presidents range from bloggers, coaches, publicists and small business owners looking to make extra income while making a difference.

What do I need to get started?

Passion, passion and passion [and of course, you need to email us].

What does it mean to be a FemCity President?

As a FemCity President, you represent our global community of business women and create business programs locally, while promoting our online resources. You create a leadership team to assist you in developing a local community for business women in your city that provides support, inspiration and motivation, and provides platforms for their businesses to grow. This allows you to create a business that fits your life, scaling up or down as you wish.

Do I need to be a salesperson to be a FemCity President?

We are in the business of changing lives. Our intention is to bring Presidents on board and create amazing leaders and change-makers. No experience? No problem. You don’t need to have any background in sales. We’re here to show you how to utilize your natural skills and grow business! If you’re passionate about people, your community and helping business women, read on. If you can spare a few hours a week for Events and Training, and you know 4 people who would love to serve in your leadership circle, you’re off to a great start! Those are your only prerequisites. Just add passion! We’ll handle the rest.

Once I email you, is it guaranteed that I will be selected to be a FemCity President?

No, it’s not guaranteed. We look at the community location and requests for that location. In addition, we look for gregarious personalities, passionate demeanor to help women locally and demonstrated leadership in past projects to ensure a perfect match for you and FemCity.

How do I create business programs?

That’s easy! We provide you with all the necessary training, tools, and materials to help you get started. It’s as simple as jotting down names in each of your business circles – such as friends, family, and neighbors – and asking them to join the movement that’s solely created to help their businesses grow. We suggest starting with your network and those in your leadership circle. They simply promote FemCity with their friends and network and take the commitment to help women come together all in positivity. You create local business programs, the leadership circle gets featured and women start to grow business. Everyone wins!

How much can I earn?

You decide! Match your efforts to your desired results. You have flexibility and creative control in the types of events you produce and the frequency [one per month being the required minimum]. FemCityPresidents earn 20% commissions* on membership sales and retain 100% of the proceeds from local events. This opportunity can provide “fun money” or a real full-time income. You will also become an affiliate of our Business Programs which offers 40% commission upon completion of training. Plus, you’ll have multiple opportunities to grow your revenue through various FemCity outlets and programs. [*with bonus potential]

Once you join as a FemCity President, you will instantly have a business presence through FemCity with your own local city homepage. Drive engagement directly to your site to learn more about you, your leadership team and your activities. You can also use Facebook and other social sites to showcase your events, event photos, and to keep your community in the know of all the business resources available to them. And, when you’re on-the-go, you can still easily share FemCity, our online business programs, business and global memberships.

The best part? You’ll grow your own personal brand and receive revenue at all times.

Will I receive training, marketing support, and advice from other Presidents?

Absolutely! You are not expected to know it all from the get-go. We provide the training, tools and support that you need to run a thriving FemCity business. You’ll get one-on-one coaching from our Founder and you’ll meet other Presidents every week! The On-boarding Program provides weekly training calls and 24×7 online tools. There are training events to get hands-on training from our Founder and top Presidents as well. You will get integrated into a warm, supportive community like no other.

How many hours do I need to work?

There is no “need to” at FemCity only “want to.” Based on your schedule and desired income, you decide how much or little you want to spend on your business. Many FemCity Presidents have other businesses or fulltime jobs and only work 5-10 hours a week, while many others make FemCity their fulltime business. We make ourselves flexible so your life can be, too!

Is there a minimum I need to sell to remain a FemCity President?

If you choose to build a FemCity business, we ask Presidents and their Leading Circle to lead by example, and therefore we do require that at least 4 new Business Members join your community every month.

How much do I need to invest?

When you sign up as a FemCity President, you’ll receive access to our Online On-Boarding Training which includes everything you need to succeed: training and community support and a FemCity local website.

You must pay a one-time fee of $750 [covering licensing, 1-year Business Membership, and on-boarding], and renew your Business Membership annually. Our goal is to help you become profitable as fast as possible, and make your business simple and fun to fit your busy life! At your option, you may purchase additional items such as business cards, tote bags or marketing materials.